About Highview Herald

On LinkedIn, Jerome Knyszewski is the Highview Herald marketer with the most amount of written recommendations for his expertise, the most read marketing strategist on Pulse and under his leadership over 23,450 entrepreneurs from 6 continents have embraced digital marketing.

He is a sought after keynote speaker, and founder/CEO of Heavy-shift Marketing LLC, Jerome Knyszewski is pioneering the way many forward thinking entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales teams leverage and generate ROI from Digital Marketing.

Much of Jerome’s ground-breaking strategies focus on turning LinkedIn into a powerful lead generating machine, he shares generously his expertise with brutal honesty in his numerous articles posted on LinkedIn Pulse.
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HeavyShift Marketing, Jerome Knyszewski and team are dedicated to get results for our clients FAST! We provide online reputation management and protection, we leverage reputation marketing to dramatically increase conversions. We help clients harness the power of LinkedIn to position themselves as authorities in their fields of expertise and dominate their market.

We are aggressive and, back up with hundreds of written recommendations we have no doubt we can help you take your business to that coveted next level.