Joker would‘ve laughed out loud: Batmobile towed to impoundment lot in Moscow (VIDEO)

Joker would‘ve laughed out loud: Batmobile towed to impoundment lot in Moscow (VIDEO) Batman had never experienced such problems in Gotham, but in Moscow driving without license plates has landed the superhero in trouble with the law and saw his ride seized.

The road police have discovered the Batmobile — it was actually was a replica of the car, which featured in ‘Batman v Superman‘ and ‘Suicide Squad‘ movies — parked at one of the major streets in the center of the capital.

The massive black vehicle that looks like a mix between a tank and a Formula 1 didn‘t violate any traffic rules, but the officers noticed that it had no license plates.

With the driver absent — he was most likely fighting crime at that moment — and his car lacking proper registration, the police ordered the Batmobile to be sent to the impoundment lot.

The car evacuation services had to call a special tow truck to move the 4-meter-wide vehicle. They also covered it in plastic to avoid scratches during transportation.

Batman would now have to cash out 50,700 rubles (almost $780) for the towing of his extra large vehicle. Besides, every day it spends at the impoundment lot costs additional 2,300 rubles ($ 35 dollars). All together a hefty sum even for a billionaire like Bruce Wayne! But if the Dark Night hurries and pays the bills before picking his car up, he’ll get a 25 percent discount.

But maybe the superhero won‘t even regret the loss of his ride, as he also has the Batwing, Batboat, Batbike, Batcopter and other state-of-the-art transport in his secret garage.

The replica of the Batmobile was brought to Russia from the US last year. It was put up for sale online for an impressive 55 million rubles ($850,000), and eventually found its owner. It’s unclear, however, how much he actually paid.

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