‘Defund racist border wall!’ Warren’s ‘solution’ to coronavirus crisis causes mass eye-rolling on Twitter

‘Defund racist border wall!’ Warren’s ‘solution’ to coronavirus crisis causes mass eye-rolling on Twitter Senator Elizabeth Warren announced a bill that would use funding for President Donald Trump’s “racist border wall” to combat the coronavirus outbreak – a plan that is earning plenty of eye rolls on social media.

Warren is not letting the coronavirus crisis go to waste. The Massachusetts senator tweeted on Thursday a bill that would move funding from construction of the southern border wall in the US to the Department of Health and Human Services and US Aid to fight the disease.

The senator warned that the virus poses a “serious health, diplomatic and economic threat.” Her bill would remove “all funding” from Trump’s “racist border wall” to “combat” the disease.

The idea of lowering border security in the middle of an international outbreak and capitalizing on the disease to once again call the president “racist” has not exactly gone over well.

“So how do you control the spread if you can‘t control who comes into your country, genius?” ‘Justified’ actor and outspoken conservative Nick Searcy tweeted in response to Warren’s announcement.

“The wall is colorblind,” added commentator Alexander Muse.

“Nothing says let‘s-come-together-to-fight-a-global-health-crisis like you‘re-a-racist,” journalist Jeryl Bier added.

Trump announced on Thursday plans to ramp up the US’ response to the coronavirus, with Vice President Mike Pence leading the effort. The announcement follows the news of a new patient being discovered in California who has not recently traveled abroad, a common factor among already discovered patients living in the US.

Trump requested $1.25 billion in emergency funds to combat the outbreak, a number Democrats have argueds too low. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer requested $8.5 billion to resolve the outbreak.

Panic over the disease has led the Dow Jones average to , with many companies releasing financial warnings to their investors about potential revenue losses in the coming months. Trump has blamed media outlets and Democrats for “panicking” the markets and making the disease look “as bad as possible.”

Over 80,000 people worldwide have been directly affected by the epidemic.

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