Cop who faced gunman in Delhi recounts horror

Delhi policeman Deepak Dahiya at whom a suspect pointed a gun during the violence in Maujpur area, said that he tried to scare him with his stick but he fired and fled away.

IMAGE: A protester brandishes a pistol during clashes between a group of anti-CAA protesters and supporters of the new citizenship act, at Jafrabad in north-east Delhi. Photograph: Ravi Choudhary/PTI Photo

“I saw him running towards me, I tried to scare him by showing my stick. He got distracted and fired one round of bullet towards the opposite road and fled from there,” Deepak Dahiya said.


Shahrukh, the suspect who opened fire at police personnel during violence in North-East Delhi on Monday, has not been arrested, clarified Delhi Police sources on Thursday.

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On Monday, the police had identified the man in a red T-shirt, who had opened fire at the police, as Shahrukh.

According to the sources, the search for Shahrukh is still underway.

At least 42 people, including a police Head Constable and Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit Sharma, have died while around 250 people sustained serious injuries in the violence that raged for three days in the North-East areas of Delhi.

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