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Esti Prager’s Top Aromatherapy Tips


Be it at the spa, on a brochure at the nail salon, or even outside your gym, aromatherapy services can be found in abundance. They’re gaining in popularity and are being administered by professionals. If you’re wondering what this procedure exactly is and what all it entails, then you need not worry, because you have come to the right place.

Here is a breakdown of what aromatherapy is. By the end of it, you’ll for sure want to book the next available session for yourself.

“It’s that appealing to the senses!” – Esti Prager

What Is Aromatherapy?

But first, let’s dive into what aromatherapy actually is. In simple terms, it is the use of essential oils and aromatics plants and herbs to heal the body. It usually focuses on improving and uplifting a person’s mood. This is done via either a topical application, massage, or inhalation of essential oils that have antimicrobial, antioxidant, and insecticidal properties.

In addition, it is important to note that only professionals that are certified can administer a topical application of this form of therapy. Why is this so? Well, excessive or inaccurate use of these oils can be hazardous to health. So, unless you have not received the guidance of a trained professional, you might want to stay clear of any do-it-yourself aromatherapy at home.

Thus, aromatherapy massage in this regard incorporates essential oils in the procedure. The oil molecules are absorbed by the body during the massage and inhaled by the person receiving the massage as well. It’s a holistic and complete healing therapy for the mind and body! “After getting it done you’re sure to feel fresh, reenergized, and rejuvenated,” says Esti Prager of Miami.

The Benefits

Want to know what benefits an aromatherapy massage entails? Read ahead to find out more!

  • Temporary relief from any muscle or joint ache
  • Uplift in moods, especially if experiencing depression. Lemon and orange essential oil has proven to work well in this regard
  • Reduces stress levels and relaxes the nerves. Especially if a hot stone or Swedish massage is infused with essential oils
  • It can help alleviate anxiety and insomnia
  • Ease breathing problems and sinus issues. Eucalyptus essential oil helps open up the sinuses.
  • Essential oils can help combat nausea and headaches. Lavender oil for instance helps dampen the severe side effects of migraines.

The Potential Risks

Essential oils are sure to help rejuvenate the senses, however, there may be some risks involved with an aromatherapy massage. Unlike directly inhaling the essential oils, here a topical application is also included. Thus many people may experience an allergic reaction to essential oils if they have sensitive skin. Here are some of the symptoms of a reaction that may follow an aromatherapy massage:

  • Rash
  • Swelling and inflammation of the skin
  • Itchiness and irritation
  • Hives

Tips For Aromatherapy Massages

To make the most of an aromatherapy massage without suffering from the risks at hand, there are a few tips and steps you can keep in mind.

1.      Picking The Right Essential Oil

Choosing the right essential oil according to your need is important. Discuss the different types of oils with an expert first. If you are seeking to uplift your mood, then citrusy scents are the way to go. For relaxation and pain management therapy, lavender or eucalyptus oil may be more beneficial

2.      Doing A Patch Test

To prevent a rash or skin irritation after going for aromatherapy, conduct a path test of the oil on your elbow or wrist. In this way, if you are allergic to any of the essential oils, you’ll be able to identify them earlier on and save yourself from the risks ahead.

3.      Don’t Go For An Aromatherapy Massage On A Full Stomach

To prevent feeling nauseous, it’s always recommended to go for an aromatherapy massage a few hours after having a meal. This helps ensure you get the best experience and don’t suffer from heartburn once the therapy session is over.

4.      Take A Warm Shower After The Therapy Session

To remove excess oil from your skin, it’s best to take a warm shower after the aromatherapy massage. This will also help soothe the muscle even more and relax the nerves.

5.      Be Sure To Hydrate

Drink water before and after the aromatherapy massage to prevent dehydration and unease during the therapy.

6.      Avoid Direct Application

To prevent a rash or allergic reaction, it is often the norm to mix the essential oil with another carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil before applying it to the skin. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to check if this step has been followed by your masseuse before starting the aromatherapy massage.

7.      Invest in an Oil Diffuser

To reap the benefits from essential oils at home, you can invest in an oil diffuser. Follow instructions given carefully and use essential oils sparingly at first. You can even consult an expert first if you are not sure which one to opt for.

They will also guide you on the quantity that should be used to prevent any adverse effects. Try out different essential oils and see which one suits you the best!

The Bottom Line

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to ease your nerves and give your body the recharge it needs, get down to it! Do your research and get in touch with a reputable and renowned aromatherapy service provider. Be sure to go to someone who is fully vetted and trained in the field. This will ensure you get the maximum benefit and value for your money! You can even share this article forward to a friend or a family member and convince them to go for aromatherapy with you.

“The experience will be worth it!” – Esti Prager, Miami Beach

Cancer Is The Third Cause Of Mortality In Spain During Pandemic

Cancer Spain

In the last year, the coronavirus has indirectly affected other pathologies , including cancer, which continues to be one of the main causes of mortality in Spain. Specifically, in 2020, it was the third pathology in number of deaths, with 20.4% of deaths , surpassed by cardiovascular diseases (23%) and infectious and parasitic diseases, including covid-19 (20, 8%), according to the latest report from the National Statistics Institute (INE) for last December.

The fear of contagion is causing many patients to have delayed or canceled their periodic check-ups, which sometimes means a delay in the diagnosis of new diseases. Specifically, during the COVID-19 crisis, diagnoses of new tumors have decreased.

All of this directly affects the population with oncological diseases, tumor management, survival, psychological well-being and the patient’s quality of life. A delay in a cancer diagnosis may mean that the tumor is detected in a more advanced stage and, therefore, increase the chances of metastasis, which means that the cancer cells can spread more damagingly to other organs of the body. Body.

In light of the latest data published at the end of December, which shows a 21% decrease in the diagnosis of new cases of cancer between March and June 2020 due to the effect of the pandemic, some experts have reflected, on World Cancer Day Cancer , on the impact of this delay in diagnosis in cancer patients.

In the middle of the third wave of the coronavirus , specialists have affirmed that we will have to wait to know what the global consequences will be, after a year marked by the pandemic. The 21% decrease in new diagnoses is limited to a few very specific months, therefore new studies will be needed to know what the real impact of the pandemic has been, although it is estimated that by the end of the third wave it could reach around the 30%.

Experts recall that from March to June, everything stopped , but in the following months, many people continued to be afraid and avoided leaving their homes and going to hospitals. “Not only in the case of having any symptoms or changes in the body, but they have stopped screening for tumors as prevalent as breast, colon or lung cancer.

And the effects of this delay will be known in the future.” , they emphasize. Likewise, according to specialists, clinical trials have also been affected and have had to be reduced.

For this reason, institutions such as the Spanish Society of Radiation Oncology (SEOR) encourage patients to attend the consultation at the slightest symptom. Studies show that cancer will affect one in three women and one in two men in their lifetime. In this regard, they assure that “the pandemic is bringing into play two very important approaches in oncology: early diagnosis and consensus in therapeutic decisions.

Electoral Board Of Barcelona Proposes To Seek Volunteers For Elections Tables


The president of the Electoral Board of Barcelona, ​​Judge Santiago García, has acknowledged to EL PERIÓDICO that given the difficulties of forming the tables for the 2021 elections in Catalonia, they are trying to create a pool of volunteers to fill these positions .

The number of excuses presented so far in their area (Barcelona, ​​Santa Coloma, Sant Adrià and Badalona) amounts to around 3,000, when in previous elections they were around 600 or 700. “People are afraid and are not as predisposed as in other elections “, he admits. In his opinion, “there is an obvious risk” that problems will occur in forming the tables and that some of them, in the end, may not be constituted.

With the search for volunteers, the aim is to avoid that the first voters to arrive are those who take care of the tables if they have not been able to form, according to the law. On this unusual occasion, the first voting slot has been reserved, precisely, for groups at risk of coronavirus.

Santiago García has specified that for the formation of the tables, a holder and two substitutes have been chosen for each of the three positions that are needed. However, he admitted he is “concerned.” by the situation.

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) already reported on Tuesday that more than 9,000 people have filed an appeal against their election as members of the polling stations on February 14, a figure that may still increase. Given this, and waiting for how they are resolved, García believes that on election day “it will be a real problem if it can go from 8 to 9 hours in more than one polling station.”

Both unemployed persons and volunteers could be chosen without the need for a draw, however, this system is not used to guarantee the neutrality and objectivity of the tables. If the members were volunteers, this principle of neutrality could be questioned since there could be political or power groups that wanted to exercise control over the process. As regards the unemployed, their exclusive choice could be considered constitutionally discriminatory .

García has also explained that they asked the Generalitat and the TSJC to facilitate the assistance of doctors when solving the allegations so as not to go to the tables. Finally, the members of the Electoral Board of Barcelona will have the advice of two forensic doctors who will help in the most complex cases.

These doctors must review the excuses and medical certificates that are required to make a first assessment of the case. Afterwards, the meeting is that you will have to solve.

The president of this electoral body maintains that two doctors are few before the avalanche of requests not to be part of a polling station. The problem arises when the petition is based on the fact that the chosen person argues not only the risk to their health, but also cares for a dependent or elderly person.

García recalled that in the event that this excuse was rejected, failure to comply with the appointment is a crime and would remain on the criminal record. It is common for the Barcelona Court to hold trials of this nature, in which fines can be imposed, as is the case in most cases, or, in serious cases, up to one year in prison.

Article 143 of the Organic Law of the Electoral Regime specifies that “the president and the members of the polling stations, as well as their respective alternates who cease to attend or perform their functions, abandon them without legitimate cause or fail to fulfill without just cause the obligations of excuse or prior notice imposed on them by this law, they will incur a prison sentence of three months to one year or a fine of six to twenty-four months.

Despite the panorama, the electoral machinery continues its course. Ballot boxes, ballots and protection and hygiene equipment for the members of the polling stations are now ready to be distributed by the polling stations of Barcelona . The electoral material is deposited in the municipal warehouses and this morning it has begun to be distributed throughout the city in a device unprecedented due to the pandemic.

From the age of majority until the age of 70, as long as they know how to read and write, no one is spared the possibility of being elected to a polling station . But it is possible to avoid it if any of the reasons, both personal, family and professional, expressly assessed by the electoral legislation for it are met.

Causes related to the personal situation that only need to be proven. The law declares those over 70 years of age exempt from being part of a table, but leaves the door open for those who are already 65 to request it. It is also a reason to have a declared disability or to be a pensioner of absolute permanent disability and great disability , as well as to be on sick leave.

Pregnant women of more than six months or maternity leave, regardless of whether or not they are paid from Social Security. Being confined to prisons or psychiatric hospitals , or having been part of a polling station, at least three times in the last 10 yearsand that there are enough people to be replaced by others also included in the same electoral list, thus avoiding allegations in populations with very few or aged inhabitants, where the same people are always at the table.

The last reason is to be the victim of a crime for which a judicial resolution has been issued that implies a penalty or precautionary measure prohibiting approaching someone registered in the same electoral college.

Personal causes, the circumstances of which must be assessed in each case: The injury, illness or physical or mental illness that prevents the performance of the functions that involve being at a polling station or that make it particularly difficult or painful to do so will be evaluated .

Being a pensioner due to total permanent disability for a certain profession or being at risk during pregnancy . If any relevant surgical intervention or clinical test is planned on the day of the voting, in the immediately preceding or the following day, which cannot be postponed for reasons of health or organization of health services.

Causes related to family responsibilities that are justified by themselves: The causes provided by law are the period of natural or artificial breastfeeding until the baby reaches nine months (which must be proven with the family book or certification of the person in charge of the Registry Civil), as well as direct and continuous care, for reasons of legal guardianship, of minors under eight years of age or of people with disabilities or family members up to the second degree of consanguinity who, due to age, accident or illness, cannot be used due to itself.

Family causes that must be assessed on a case-by-case basis: The attendance on the day of the election of family events of special relevance , which cannot be postponed or which causes significant financial damage, provided that the interested party is the protagonist or is related to up to the second degree of consanguinity.

The other reason is to be a mother or father of children under 14 years of age, when it is proven that neither the other parent nor any other person, such as an older brother, can take care of them during election day.

Professional causes that allow bypassing the polling station: Those who, on voting day, provide services in electoral boards, courts and public administrations and who precisely have electoral functions entrusted may present allegations to avoid being part of a polling station if they prove it.

Your superiors. In the same situation are those who must provide essential community services, such as doctors, health workers , members of civil protection or firefighters , and cannot be replaced by colleagues. Also included are the directors of the general information communication media and the heads of the information services who must cover election day.

Rajoy Destroyed The Papers In Box B In 2009


Former PP treasurer Luis Bárcenas has sent a letter to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in which he points to the Popular Party and Mariano Rajoy . The main defendant in this process, for which the Prosecutor’s Office asks for five years, assures in this confession that the conservative party was financed illegally between 1982 and 2009.

“I showed the papers to Rajoy in 2009 and he destroyed them, I kept a copy” , stresses, before ensuring that there is a “recording where Lapuerta talks about the delivery of money.”

The letter, to which EFE and Europa Press have had access, has been released just five days before the National High Court to try him again. Bárcenas, who sleeps behind bars while turning 29 for ‘Gürtel’, begins this letter of January 26 reaffirming his “will to collaborate with Justice”, both in the piece related to box b, and in “those others that are pending prosecution or full investigation “.

Thus, throughout 8 pages, he explains that in these papers the donations that, above all, were made by businessmen, directly to the former treasurer of the PP, the late Álvaro Lapuerta, at the same party headquarters, on Genova Street Madrid, or “sometimes in restaurants”, in exchange for ”

Bárcenas assures that “of all these performances he was perfectly knowledgeable” Rajoy. “To the point that at the beginning of 2009, we had a meeting in his office, in which I showed the papers of this B accounting, telling me how I could continue to keep all that compromising documentation, which ended up, personally, destroying it in the shredding machine of papers, without knowing that I kept a copy of that documentation, “he says in his writing.

Finally, Bárcenas affirms that he received pressure from the party not to speak. Bárcenas already confessed in 2013 the existence of a box b in the PP, although that statement “could be broader, but it was not following the recommendation of the lawyer.”

“The feeling of guilt at having been able to cause my wife to be at risk of losing her freedom and going to prison made me believe, innocently, in the promise – by the Popular Party – that a few months after this statement of July 15 I was told that Rosa would not go to prison thanks to the efforts that had been initiated.

Hence, she signed – we could call it – “peace” with said political party, withdrawing the complaint she had filed for the destruction of the information contained in computers of my personal disposition, or of my labor claims in the labor jurisdiction as a result of my departure from the Popular Party, “he argues.

Now, Bárcenas does not save names. “The people who received these salary supplements were specifically: Mariano Rajoy, Dolores de Cospedal, Federico Trillo, Pío García Escudero, Francisco Álvarez Cascos, Ángel Acebes, Javier Arenas, Rodrigo Rato and Jaime Ignacio del Burgo.

The former treasurer also refers to the parapolice operation called ‘Kitchen’, which is also being investigated in the National Court within the framework of one of the separate pieces of the ‘Tándem’ case, and adds that “a large part” of all this documentation “has He was abducted “from the study of his wife, Rosalía Iglesias,” when they entered to rob it. “

Government Refuses To Make Public The Report Of Council Of State


First control session to the Government of the year after the long Christmas hiatus. The climate of confrontation continues to dominate in the Chamber and is now exacerbated by the imminent appointment with the polls in Catalonia .

In the blue bank, new positions and a face that opens. Salvador Illa de Sanidad has left and his place is occupied by Carolina Darias ; The first secretary of the PSC , Miquel Iceta , now sits on the seat of the Ministry of Territorial Policy .

The changes, however, do not affect the relationship between the Government and the first opposition party, which is still one of head-on collisions. Pablo Casado has reviewed the last weeks of the pandemic and has accused Pedro Sánchez of leaving burned ground in his wake, “setting everything on fire” and “destroying all institutional counterweights.”

The leader of the PP has accused the Prime Minister of hiding from Parliament the report prepared by the Council of State on the distribution of European funds .

The popular ones affirm that the Government has “torn pages” of a report whose complete content declared like “reserved”. A “mutilation” that coincides, according to the PP, with those passages in which the high advisory body calls into question the method of distribution of funds devised by Moncloa .

In short, the Executive withdrew from Parliament the opinion of the Council of State, an opinion that is mandatory for bills and decrees but is not binding, since the Government may or may not follow the criteria set forth by the advisory body .

In this case, however, and regardless of whether the Government decides not to follow the Council’s recommendations, the opinion of this body is especially important given the misgivings that Sánchez’s decision has aroused among political forces and in the Autonomous Communities. to fully centralize the distribution of money without clearly providing the criteria to be followed for its allocation and distribution.

The report, for the moment, has not been made public and the popular ones already warn that the government maneuver may overturn the decree of funds approved last week thanks to the abstention of Vox . “This is the first time that this has been done and it is a scandal that can annul the decree and weaken our international credibility,” the opposition leader warned.

The president has avoided responding to Casado’s accusations. He has not said a single word about the Council’s report. Neither have the first vice president, Carmen Calvo , nor the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias , nor the third vice president, Nadia Calviño . The Government has kept absolute silence but has not denied the popular accusation .

Executive sources have assured afterwards that they have no intention of making this report public, that they will do so when it seems “appropriate.” Their only commitment is that they will attend to the Citizens’ request , registered yesterday in the Chamber, to deliver the document. But in no case immediately but in the course of this request.

They explain that, contrary to what the PP suggests, no royal decree law is processed in Congress with the report of the State Council. It has never happened, not even when the popular ruled . “They are lying”. However, the Government does not deny that this opinion calls into question the procedure for managing EU funds promoted by the Executive – which leaves all decision-making power in the hands of the Presidency. But they maintain that they are under no obligation to heed all your suggestions.

Some of them were incorporated into the royal decree law itself, at the time of its drafting. The Executive confirms that there are textual parts of this report from the Council of State but that it is not obliged to incorporate all its details. It is the usual practice before pronouncements that are not binding on the Government. The State Council constantly issues reports and some are taken into account and others are not, they indicate.

Without offering more details on what reproaches have been made to the Executive from this advisory body, the Government remains with that the report of the European Commission yes “was extraordinarily positive”. “The reform that Spain has made seems very good to them and this is the most important thing.”

They accuse the PP of raising it as a legal issue, when, according to Executive sources, this controversy is just an attempt to divert attention to the fact that last week they voted against this royal decree law that the Government saved in extremis with the Vox abstention.

These explanations have come after the control session. In his speech, Sánchez has only replied to the opposition leader, crossing out his “bad shadow” and has regretted that the PP criticizes one thing and the opposite with respect to all the issues, but has not responded to his accusation.

“There is no one who understands him,” he assured before reproaching him that even Santiago Abascal , the leader of Vox, gave him lessons of responsibility, allowing with his abstention the approval of the decree of funds. “Stop provocation and confrontation and make useful opposition.”

Workers Of Hollywood Booked Vaccinations Improperly


Of the 1,500 people who needed to be immunized, about 900 did not meet the requirements.

The city of Pasadena, in California, canceled a day of vaccination against COVID-19 on Tuesday after hundreds of people who were not eligible to receive the vaccines signed up, including workers in the Hollywood entertainment industry and the media. communication , the Los Angeles Times reported.

The day was intended to apply the first dose of the vaccine to about 1,500 eligible people, including those over 65 and essential workers who live or work in Pasadena, a city in Los Angeles County. However, some 900 people who did not meet the requirements signed up to get the vaccine .

Lisa Derderian, a spokeswoman for the city of Pasadena, told the newspaper that “many of the appointments were booked by people who worked in the media and in Hollywood.” Among those who wanted to bypass the priority guidelines are employees of production companies, television broadcasting services and soap opera studios.

Derderian explained that somehow the hundreds of ineligible people accessed an email the Pasadena Department of Public Health sent last week to seniors, health and child care employees, teachers and food workers who had expressed previously their interest in receiving the vaccine, telling them that they could book appointments in a day at Pasadena City College.

The email, which included a registration link to California’s vaccination appointment system, specified that workers had to provide proof that they were eligible and lived or worked in Pasadena. The email and the registration link were reportedly distributed to those who improperly registered.

California’s appointment scheduling system allows you to book an appointment without verifying eligibility. Only at the vaccination site is verification performed. Against this background, Pasadena decided to cancel the vaccination day scheduled for Thursday. Derderian told the newspaper that some older adults cried when they learned that their appointments would have to be changed.

Both state and local authorities are concentrating efforts to vaccinate the most vulnerable people to covid-19. A total of 10,628,752 vaccines have been applied in the state as of this Tuesday.

Porto Fires Juventus And Cristiano Fails Once Again


Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo saw their attempt to conquer the Champions League ended prematurely for the third consecutive year after being eliminated on Tuesday by Portuguese Porto , heroic in their resistance and who took the ticket to the quarterfinals despite losing by 3 -2 in the second leg in Turin.

The first year of ‘Mister Champions’ in the ‘Vecchia Signora’ finished in the quarterfinals against Ajax , the second in the second round against Olympique Lyon and the third against the ‘Dragons’, able to withstand the emergence of Federico Chiesa, who was He became a figure before the black night of ‘7’, and a nonsense by Mehdi Taremi to avoid even the penalty shoot-out.

Portuguese ambush
Porto ambushed Juve from the opening whistle. Even the childish mistake of his Iranian striker worked for him. Although it was Morata who had a great opportunity as soon as he started with a header from Marchesín , he always gave the sensation in the first 45 minutes that he had controlled the duel.

Appealing to his order, the visitors took the game to their land, holding off the attack of Andrea Pirlo’s, excessively predictable and practically entrusted to Cuadrado’s centers . In addition, Porto managed to deploy with danger, and after a serious warning from Taremi , with a frank shot that crashed in Bonucci and a subsequent header to the crossbar, put the tie uphill for the ‘Vecchia Signora’.

Unnecessary penalty
Sergio Oliveira did not forgive Demiral’s unnecessary penalty to Taremi in the 19th minute and confirmed the plan envisaged by his coach. The Serie A champion, with Cristiano well controlled and not very participatory, suffered, but despite the fact that the Portuguese team arrived with more danger, Morata had the best until the break , who ran into Marchesín again after another great square center.

Juventus needed to improve for the second act and, although the step forward was not too important, they found Chiesa and Taremi. The forward ‘caught’ a drop from Cristiano to ‘nail’ the ball in the squad and tie the clash, while the Iranian was innocent with two yellows in a couple of minutes , the second (m. 54) for hitting a ball with a foul already called, which ruined everything planned by Sergio Conceiçao.

Pepe’s hierarchy
Minutes later, Chiesa equalized the tie after perfectly heading the umpteenth center of Cuadrado and just after having forgiven a heads-up.

There, Porto was ‘touched’, but his coach adjusted his pieces and managed, helped by Pepe’s hierarchy, by the quality of Sergio Oliveira and by a certain local fear of a goal that would leave him out, hold out until an extension that was On the verge of not being disputed because Cuadrado rumbled the crossbar in 93.

The extension , with the forces already fair on both sides, had scares on both sides, but the ‘bianconeri’ lacked offensive lucidity, already without the impetus of Chiesa and without ever being able to find Cristiano, who also opened his legs in a Sergio Oliveira’s powerful low shot that made it 2-2. Rabiot still wanted to say that the ‘Vecchia Signora’ wanted to live, but Porto resisted.

JUVENTUS : Szczesny; Square, Bonucci (De Ligt, m.75), Demiral, Alex Sandro; Chiesa (Bernardeschi, m.102), Arthur (Kulusevski, m.102), Rabiot, Ramsey (McKennie, m.75); Morata and Cristiano Ronaldo.

PORTO : Marchesín; Manafá, Mbemba, Pepe, Sanusi (Luis Díaz, m.71); Corona (Leite, m.118), Sergio Oliveira (Loum, m.118), Uribe (Grujic, m.90), Otávio (Sarr, m.61); Marega (Toni Martínez, m.106) and Taremi.

GOALS : 0-1, minute 19. Sergio Oliveira, from a penalty; 1-1, minute 49. Chiesa; 2-1, minute 63. Chiesa; 2-2, minute 114. Sergio Oliveira; 3-2, minute 116. Rabiot.

Luis Bárcenas Reveals That Police Stole Pen Drives And Documentation


The former treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas recognizes for the first time in his confession before the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office that the Police stole ” pen drives and sensitive documentation” about the irregular financing of the PP that he had hidden in his wife’s restoration study.

At the same time he lashes out harshly against his old party for having launched the so-called Kitchen operation , a “para-police” operation, as defined by the National Court , which aimed to snatch his arsenal from the former head of the party’s finances of evidence against the leadership led by former president Mariano Rajoy .

In his writing, former Senator Bárcenas describes the known facts surrounding the Kitchen operation as “discouraging” , “which reveal the mounting of illegal monitoring and surveillance, and even with the use of reserved funds ordered by high-ranking officials of the then government and that they belonged to the Popular Party, with the invaluable collaboration of senior police officers. ”

It should be remembered that in this judicial proceeding, investigated by the Investigative Court number 5 of the National Court, the former Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernández Díaz , the former Secretary of State for the Interior, Francisco Martínez , and a large part of the Police leadership of the time, from the Deputy Director of Operations (DAO) Eugenio Pino to historical commissioners such as Enrique García Castaño or José Manuel Villarejo .

Almost 80 users in a Gijón center who had received the second vaccine test positive for Covid-19.

“These actions have reached the point of achieving the theft of documentation sensitive to the PP, of which the robbery in my wife’s study is a good example,” Bárcenas abounds. There, according to his account, ” pendrives and various papers that were compromising the pieces that are being investigated ” disappeared in the different open summaries on the operation of box B of the PP for decades.

“To this must be added, nothing less, than the kidnapping and death threats suffered by my family, in our own family home, for the so-called false priest, which can give a good idea of ​​the pressure and suffering that we have been suffering during all these last years “, emphasizes the ex high popular position in his confession.

Five Attorneys From Trump Impeachment Legal Team Resign


Five lawyers from the legal team of former United States President Donald Trump have resigned due to differences with him when preparing the impeachment in the Senate that will take place in just over a week, according to CNN.

Among those who have left their post are Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbire , two of those considered top attorneys facing the impeachment process.

The main reason for the lawyers’ march is that Trump wants to focus his defense on trying again to prove the existence of electoral fraud in his defeat against Joe Biden , while the lawyers preferred to focus on the possible illegality of the ‘impeachment’ of a president who is not in office.

It should be remembered that the Trump campaign was unable to prove the fraud they were denouncing in court and the authorities in charge of the elections such as the Justice Department have repeatedly assured that there was no fraud that altered the result.

As Jason Miller , Trump’s adviser, has confirmed to CNN , who has not commented on the march of the two lawyers, the former president’s legal team is not yet closed, but will be announced soon.

Bowers is a South Carolina attorney who served during George W. Bush’s tenure at the Justice Department, while Barbier , a native of the same state, was a prosecutor for 15 years before opening her own criminal defense firm.

Neither of the attorneys had received advance payments yet, according to CNN.

The impeachment of Trump for “incitement to insurrection” after the assault on the Capitol by his supporters will begin the second week of February, when the Senate is expected to have confirmed the majority of the Biden government .

There are doubts among Democrats about how to conduct the trial and whether it will last. According to ‘The Hill’, Biden has asked the Democrats to be a short trial so that he does not take over the agenda and allows him to continue with his government program.

In recent days, given the increasing difficulty of getting enough votes among Republicans for the motion to succeed and prevent Trump from running for public office, some moderate representatives have worked on a resolution “censuring” the president that would be more easy for Republican senators to support.

Negotiations In Italy Slow Down On Last Day Of Deadline


Time is running out for the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, who last week received the manager of Sergio Mattarella to mediate in the crisis of the Italian Government.

The head of state announced last Friday that there could be a majority that follows the current one, but to “verify” it he entrusted the exploratory mandate to Fico. This Tuesday he will have to meet with the president, who will have to evaluate the formation of the new Executive or, something more unlikely, call elections.

Today is being a busy day for the president of the Chamber. At 9:05, he met with the leaders of the Democratic Party (PD, center-left), Free and Equal (LeU, left), 5 Star Movement (M5S), the new party of the ‘Europeists’ and the Movement for Autonomies.

The faces of the protagonists showed fatigue before a negotiation that reaches its end without seeing a way out. The topic of discussion has been justice. It is no coincidence that Matteo Renzi not only asks for the prescription reform but also a new minister, as long as Alfonso Bonafede, a member of the M5S and questioned about his management, is changed. Today’s discussion table has been expanded to include party experts on the subject.

As negotiations continued, topics related to culture, school, and research were reviewed. Outside of the Sala della Lupa, where the talks are taking place, there is a lot of hustle towards the offices of the political groups in connection with the negotiations on the new government organization chart .

There are two possible scenarios. The first would be an adjustment to the current Executive team, a hypothesis that Renzi would have rejected. Instead, the second would include a deputy prime minister assigned to the Democratic Party and the position should be entrusted to Andrea Orlando , plus six ministries to the Democrats. And Renzi?

“Two departments of weight and expense that would have an important role in the Recovery Plan”, explain the sources consulted. We will have to wait to see if it is true. Of course, it is difficult to put the pieces together because everyone will have to give something and no one is currently willing to do it.

The discussions should have ended around 3:00 p.m. But at lunchtime the negotiation got stuck. Renzi gathered the parliamentarians, he is upset by the management of the tables, he complains about the small openings in the program of other parties. And hence the obvious difficulty of accepting Conte as prime minister. The leader of Italia Viva continues to shake the specter of negotiation failure .

Fico confirmed to the majority group leaders his will to return tonight, at 8:00 p.m., to the Quirinal, thus respecting the commitment made with the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, to report on the result of the exploratory mandate. A second round of consultations by Fico is not excluded.

In the absence of agreements, some media had already launched the hypothesis that Fico today could ask for more room to negotiate, reports Efe.

The main obstacle to be resolved is who will be the prime minister. The old majority partners and the Europeanists support a new government headed by Conte, but Renzi continues to veto this possibility. Rumors are growing that Renzi has put on the table the name of the former president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi .

If Fico brings to the head of state a credible programmatic agreement between the five political forces and a common indication on the name of Giuseppe Conte, or at least without an explicit veto against him by Italia Viva, the prime minister should get the task of form your third government. Without a program, or with a veto, Conte will leave the scene, and at that moment the way will open for an electoral government or, more likely, for an institutional or “presidential” government.

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