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Negotiations In Italy Slow Down On Last Day Of Deadline


Time is running out for the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, who last week received the manager of Sergio Mattarella to mediate in the crisis of the Italian Government.

The head of state announced last Friday that there could be a majority that follows the current one, but to “verify” it he entrusted the exploratory mandate to Fico. This Tuesday he will have to meet with the president, who will have to evaluate the formation of the new Executive or, something more unlikely, call elections.

Today is being a busy day for the president of the Chamber. At 9:05, he met with the leaders of the Democratic Party (PD, center-left), Free and Equal (LeU, left), 5 Star Movement (M5S), the new party of the ‘Europeists’ and the Movement for Autonomies.

The faces of the protagonists showed fatigue before a negotiation that reaches its end without seeing a way out. The topic of discussion has been justice. It is no coincidence that Matteo Renzi not only asks for the prescription reform but also a new minister, as long as Alfonso Bonafede, a member of the M5S and questioned about his management, is changed. Today’s discussion table has been expanded to include party experts on the subject.

As negotiations continued, topics related to culture, school, and research were reviewed. Outside of the Sala della Lupa, where the talks are taking place, there is a lot of hustle towards the offices of the political groups in connection with the negotiations on the new government organization chart .

There are two possible scenarios. The first would be an adjustment to the current Executive team, a hypothesis that Renzi would have rejected. Instead, the second would include a deputy prime minister assigned to the Democratic Party and the position should be entrusted to Andrea Orlando , plus six ministries to the Democrats. And Renzi?

“Two departments of weight and expense that would have an important role in the Recovery Plan”, explain the sources consulted. We will have to wait to see if it is true. Of course, it is difficult to put the pieces together because everyone will have to give something and no one is currently willing to do it.

The discussions should have ended around 3:00 p.m. But at lunchtime the negotiation got stuck. Renzi gathered the parliamentarians, he is upset by the management of the tables, he complains about the small openings in the program of other parties. And hence the obvious difficulty of accepting Conte as prime minister. The leader of Italia Viva continues to shake the specter of negotiation failure .

Fico confirmed to the majority group leaders his will to return tonight, at 8:00 p.m., to the Quirinal, thus respecting the commitment made with the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, to report on the result of the exploratory mandate. A second round of consultations by Fico is not excluded.

In the absence of agreements, some media had already launched the hypothesis that Fico today could ask for more room to negotiate, reports Efe.

The main obstacle to be resolved is who will be the prime minister. The old majority partners and the Europeanists support a new government headed by Conte, but Renzi continues to veto this possibility. Rumors are growing that Renzi has put on the table the name of the former president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi .

If Fico brings to the head of state a credible programmatic agreement between the five political forces and a common indication on the name of Giuseppe Conte, or at least without an explicit veto against him by Italia Viva, the prime minister should get the task of form your third government. Without a program, or with a veto, Conte will leave the scene, and at that moment the way will open for an electoral government or, more likely, for an institutional or “presidential” government.

Germans Distrust The AstraZeneca Vaccine


To the production problems that AstraZeneca has, it could now be added that of mistrust on the part of citizens who should receive their vaccine . In Germany, workers in the health sector and other essential groups , who are a priority in the vaccination campaign and who are given the Anglo-Swedish injectable, are being reluctant with this vaccine and some have refused to take it.

Germany has administered 5 million doses of the vaccines, a figure that places it far from countries such as Israel, the United Kingdom or the United States. Most of the vaccines supplied in the country have been from the Pfizer vaccine, intended for the elderly population.

Of the 1.5 million doses of AstraZeneca that Germany should have injected to healthcare personnel until last week, only 187,000 have been used, according to sources from the German Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases.

The distrust of healthcare personnel is based on some studies that indicate that the AstraZeneca vaccine seems less effective than those of Pfizer and Moderna and that it causes more side effects . This last factor has been confirmed by Germany’s largest vaccine agency, the Paul Erhlich Institute .

According to this center, a quarter of the people who have received the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine have suffered flu-like symptoms and 15% have experienced fever; figures higher than those registered with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. However, the same Paul Erhlich Institute has stressed that the vaccine is very effective and that the reactions are short in time.

The fact that German health authorities did not recommend the use of the Pfizer vaccine for those over 65 has also not contributed to much confidence .

The establishment of these workers has led the German Government to rethink the vaccination strategy so that the rejected doses are not lost . Thus, it has now included teachers among the groups that will receive the AstraZeneca vaccine as a priority. The Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, has also proposed including the police and the Army.

Also, the authorities have launched a campaign to assure the population that the AstraZeneca vaccine works. “The AstraZeneca vaccine is safe and effective. It saves lives,” Angela Merkel spokesperson Steffen Seibert tweeted .

On the situation in Germany, even the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen , who has come out in defense of the AstraZeneca vaccine, has spoken: “I would put it on without thinking, just like the ones from Moderna or Pfizer,” he said. in statements to the German newspaper ‘Augsburger Allgemeine’.

Venezuelan Parliament Asks Maduro To Expel EU Ambassador


The Government of Nicolás Maduro declared the ambassador of the European Union in Caracas, Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa, persona non grata this Wednesday. The diplomat has a period of 72 hours to leave the country.

It was the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, who was in charge of personally transferring the expulsion to Brilhante, ordered directly by Maduro a day after the National Assembly asked the president to dismiss the ambassador.

Chavismo has responded in this way, first from Parliament, under its control, and later from the Executive, to the new sanctions of the European Union against 19 Venezuelan officials. In the plenary session on Tuesday, the president of the legislature , elected last December without international recognition, Jorge Rodríguez, president of the Chamber, declared Brilhante, ambassador of Brussels in Caracas , persona non grata .

The leader had asked Maduroto order his expulsion and close the office of his legation. The Chavista legislators also issued a challenge to the high representative of EU Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, by offering him a complete list of members of Parliament so that they “sanction them all.” “It would be an honor,” Rodríguez said.

The measures against 19 officials included a freeze on assets within the EU and an entry ban. This is how Brussels responded to the parliamentary elections on December 6 , marked by the absence of opposition candidates, serious irregularities and high abstention.

The elections were not recognized by the European Union, the United States and a large part of the democracies of the region. According to the EU decision, those sanctioned undermined democracy in Venezuela.

“They are responsible, in particular, for undermining the electoral rights of the opposition and the democratic functioning of the National Assembly, and for serious violations of human rights and restrictions of fundamental freedoms,” says the statement released on Monday and signed by the Twenty-seven .

The European decision affects the deputies José Brito and Bernabé Gutiérrez – who are part of an opposition sector coerced by Chavismo, the so-called scorpions – and the members of the National Electoral Council , starting with its president, Indira Alfonzo.

Also to the commander of the highest organ of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Remigio Ceballos; the Governor of the State of Zulia, Omar José Prieto; to the military prosecutor Jesús Vasquez and the police and military chiefs of the Special Actions Forces of the National Police, the Military Counterintelligence Directorate and the Scientific Investigations Corps.

With the new sanctions, the black list of the European Union goes from 36 to 55 Venezuelans, including the vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, and Diosdado Cabello, number two in Chavismo. There are more than 150 Chavista officials with international sanctions from the United States, Canada, Panama and Switzerland, among other countries.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza issued a statement on Monday in which he considered the sanctions a “clumsy decision, the sole intention of which is to negatively affect the political dialogue that is taking place in the country.” And he called on the bloc to stop what it considered “imperial aggressions.”

It is not the first time that Chavismo has charged against Ambassador Brilhante. On June 29 last year, Maduro ordered his expulsion hours after Brussels applied sanctions against 11 officials. The expulsion was rescinded days later after a conversation between Borrell and Arreaza.

The recent measure also had reactions in some moderate sectors of the opposition and civil society, who consider that the pressure could become a wedge that stops the possibility of reaching a political agreement on the regional elections this year that, even with the signs of illegitimacy of the new Parliament, is promoting another renewal of the electoral referee.

The change in the White House has opened a new scenario on the Venezuelan political crisis in which economic sanctions could be relaxed . Joe Biden’s policy on this is still unclear.

New sanctions on Guaidó
The parliamentary call to expel the European ambassador in Caracas coincided with a new judicial decision against the main leaders of the opposition.

The Comptroller General disqualified opposition leader Juan Guaidó and 27 other former deputies from holding public office for 15 years, arguing that they refused to present an affidavit of assets after leaving their positions on January 5. “They have to hide something,” said the comptroller, Elvis Amoroso, in a message broadcast on public television.

The measure adds to the disqualification that Guaidó himself already suffered in March 2019 for, also, refusing to submit an affidavit of assets that year. “It is these actions of the dictatorship that close the door to free elections, our fight is to recover them,” Guaidó replied when learning about the new sanctions he faces.

Feeling The Touch Of Others Is Necessary For Health


Lilly and Madelaine are twin sisters who are now 16 years old. They came into the world six weeks early and in extremely fragile health. But Madelaine’s situation was by far the most serious: she had a hole in her heart and she couldn’t breathe on her own.

The doctors gave her up for lost. However, a nurse had a great intuition: she decided to put the two twins together in the same incubator, skin to skin. Lilly instinctively hugged her sister. The contact of the two girls was immediately therapeutic and Madelaine’s health improved immediately.

The true story of these two sisters has been turned into a documentary entitled Twins , in which skincare firm Nivea wants to highlight the enormous health benefits of physical contact.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. In an adult it occupies about two square meters and weighs about five kilos. Human beings also have the most sensitive skin of all mammals, equipped with millions of somatosensory receptors. When someone hugs us, we secrete a huge amount of endorphins, one of the substances that the body makes to relieve pain and produce a feeling of well-being.

Numerous scientific studies show that feeling each other’s skin has multiple health benefits: it decreases physical pain, strengthens the immune system, calms the heart rate and normalizes blood pressure, reduces agitation in Alzheimer’s patients, increases the chances of survival in premature babies.

And, from a psychological point of view, it raises the level of well-being hormones, reduces the feeling of loneliness and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The coronavirus, however, has drastically restricted such beneficial contact for health. Two extensive investigations carried out by Nivea at the global level, before and during the pandemic, reveal how physical contact in the closest circle (family and friends) has diminished for more than a third of those surveyed with the arrival of the covid-19.

A drop that has been especially significant in Spain, where the rubbing of skin on skin with friends and family has been reduced for two out of three people. In total, 71% of Spaniards maintain that they now have less physical contact with their inner circle, compared to 38% of those surveyed globally.

This lack of physical contact has led to an increase in the feeling of loneliness. To the point that more than half of Spaniards say that during isolation due to the pandemic they have felt more alone than ever in their lives.

Nivea’s study also shows how important contact with other people is considered, both physically and emotionally. In fact, nine out of ten respondents consider that it is essential to be able to have and enjoy a full and happy life. However, that desire remains largely unsatisfied.

In Spain, four out of every five people who live alone state that they do not experience this physical contact on a daily basis. Almost two out of three respondents confess that they would like to receive more hugs.

Likewise, one in four adolescents says they feel lonely. And the arrival of the coronavirus has made it even more difficult to experience that skin-to-skin contact that we all need, causing nine out of ten Spaniards to realize how important it is for health.

But there are also reasons for hope. 74% of Spaniards have realized during isolation due to the pandemic how important it is to touch others and eight out of ten hope to compensate for the lack they are having once the health crisis ends. More than half of the country’s population wishes that, when the coronavirus is finally defeated, skin-to-skin contact with their close circle increases.

Given these findings, the Nivea brand, which for more than 100 years has been synonymous with beautiful and healthy skin, has decided to launch the initiative of its brand purpose #CareForHumanTouch to value the health benefits of touching others, and to promote greater contact between people, once circumstances permit.

Nivea has committed to promoting health and well-being through projects related to physical contact over the next four years, with an investment of 20 million euros in local projects related to skin-to-skin contact around the world that will arrive 150,000 people at risk of loneliness, including prematurely born babies, people with vision problems or the elderly with dementia. In addition, Nivea has set itself the goal of publicizing the proven health benefits of skin-to-skin touch to 100 million people by the year 2025.

“It is crucial to be aware of the need and benefits of skin-to-skin contact for health. We are going to assume that role and we will continue to be the guardians of human contact and the union between people.

Although we may be forced to maintain social distance from each other during the pandemic, we have to maintain and intensify our closest relationships as a shield against loneliness. Within our narrower family circle, skin-to-skin contact is therefore more important than ever ”, emphasizes Ralph Zimmerer, Vice President of Global Nivea Brand Identity & Brand Capability.

This initiative is part of the purpose of Nivea #CareForHumanTouch (Let’s Take Care of Human Contact) and will start with the launch of Twins, the documentary video that shows the real story of the twins Lilly and Madelaine and that reveals how the effects of physical contact are so powerful that can literally save lives.

”Nivea has always been dedicated to skin care and we have always taken care of people. This is what has defined Nivea from the beginning. With our contribution we want to make a difference and we will use the influence and reach of Nivea to spread the positive effects of human contact for health ”, underlines Stefan De Loecker, CEO of Beiersdorf, an international company dedicated to skin care for more than 135 years with leading global brands such as Nivea.

How To Recover The Sexual Desire Lost With The Pandemic


We are going for a year of pandemic. At this point, we have stretched resilience all that it takes . But it begins to crack: stress, anxiety, depression … With those wickers, the libido of many has been on the ground for months . “In order for the sexual response to develop in all its stages (desire, excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution), the body must be calm.

The slightest activation of our sympathetic nervous system, whose function is to put us on guard and in an attitude of immediate alert-flight, will cancel the relaxation necessary to be able to begin to wish, ”explains Laura Palomares, psychologist and director of Avance Psicólogos .

And here’s the problem: the pandemic has skyrocketed our long-term stress levels (daily fear of infecting ourselves or our loved ones, of losing our job, of not being able to cope with the bills). We have been on constant alert for almost twelve months and we are dragged, physically and emotionally. With those wickers, it is normal for erotic passion to decline in many bedrooms.

Strategies to feel like it again
The loss of sexual appetite does not distinguish between single and married, in a relationship or estranged. At the beginning of the pandemic, the joke was circulating that, for once, those who live as a couple would have more sex than single people.

But locking yourself out of obligation 24 hours a day with your other half (and with the children) more than an eternal honeymoon was for many a Big Brother : a lot of trouble and little privacy. Those who lived alone did not get rid of collective fear and now, on top of that, they have to rewrite the flirtation script and the spontaneous sexual relationship.

“Losing a loved one also often affects sexual arousal. And having passed the covid in the first person leaves a transitory exhaustion, even post-traumatic stress, which also interferes with erotic desire ”.

Low libido is not a disease. As she leaves, we can bring her back … with time and good manners. Experts propose several guidelines to regain sexual desire at home. “It is essential to recover spaces and time as a couple . When that space for complicity is lacking, the relationship is ‘de-eroticized’. Knowing how to stop working and take a break for pleasure is not going to sink the world economy. And it will do a lot of good for the sexual health of the couple.

The comfy of being around the house does not do much good for passionate desire either . Although we are comfortable with our loose clothing , without perfume, without combing or putting on makeup (them) and with wild hair and beard from a few days (them), neglecting is a staunch enemy of passion. An arranged dinner, even at home, can enliven the passion of the senses.

What if there are children involved? In the absence of grandparents (not the best time to recruit them), you have to use your imagination. If you both telecommute, maybe the workday could be delayed a bit after dropping the kids off at school to give each other some pleasure. With the kids at home, Kinsey Institute psychologist Justin Lehmiller proposes taking it as almost an adventure.

“Establish a private moment while you leave the children with some snacks and their favorite movie . Or wake up earlier and pretend they don’t catch you ”. Everything is to stimulate sexual desire.

And, although times are bad for fantasy, we must return to eroticism. ” Ask your partner about your fantasies or would like to try. Take back games that used to be pleasant for you, try erotic readings… ”, says psychologist Laura Palomares. Other colleagues are more precise: incorporating sex toys or other gadgets, new positions, watching pornography in private … Anything consensual that can give life to bedroom life helps.

In times of social distance, recovering physical contact is another key for Palomares. “We must not neglect expressions of affection with friction, caresses, kisses, hugs . It is essential so that the body and, above all, the head (the most important organ in this whole matter), tune again with the eroticism and affectivity with our partner ”.

Finally, he suggests taking advantage of any moment as a couple to warm up engines. “Encouraging spaces for physical contact, such as showering together or doing a massage , without demanding that it happen to the elderly, little by little awakens desire and brings you closer to the couple affectively again.”

What if I feel like it, but my partner doesn’t?
Each person experiences the pandemic in one way. And not only because of the way of facing the reality of the coronavirus. The work situation, the health of parents, siblings or friends, also conditions. “It is a delicate situation, because the person who maintains the desire often feels rejected and abandoned and that often leads to expressing it from reproach and demand, ” says the psychologist.

“This creates anxiety and a huge sense of guilt which, in turn, increases pressure and stress. Far from solving, we increase the problem. It is very important to try to talk to our partner without reproach or anger ”.

Being caught by the pandemic at a time without a stable partner is not being easy either. “Most of the people are being more cautious and, with less sexual stimulation, it is normal that the sexual appetite decreases . But it is something that with time and the progressive return to normality will gradually recover ”

Gadot Recalls How Zack Snyder Kept Her From Giving Up Acting


We may like Zack Snyder’s films more or less, but there is a reality that no one can deny: the actors who have worked with him adore him. The last to thank the director for the opportunity he gave her by signing her as Wonder Woman for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was Gal Gadot.

The Israeli actress has shared a photo that Snyder already showed a few days ago, and that includes her first camera test as Diana Prince.

Let us remember that, before conquering the box office with Wonder Woman, the solo film of the DC heroine, we could see the Amazon princess of Gadot in the superhero meeting of Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill), with these a punches until they discovered that their mothers were called the same (oh, what jokes the ‘Martha moment’ has given us ).

“Zack Snyder took this photo of me the day I did the camera test for Batman v Superman with Ben,” the actress explained in an emotional message: “I came to Los Angeles for 30 hours while shooting a movie in Tel Aviv. But I wanted the role of Wonder Woman so much that the trip was worth it. ”

“I will always be grateful to Zack for choosing me and believing that I could give life to Diana. I had no idea what the future would bring when they took this photo of me, seeing it makes me very nostalgic,” she added: “It is also proof that everything It happens for a reason. I was about to quit acting … And then this happened. ”

While Gadot owes Snyder a lot for this great opportunity, he is also indebted to the actress, who was, without exaggeration, the highlight of Batman v Superman. The only thing critics and audiences agreed on when it came to this film was Diana’s brilliant introduction, which stole all the spotlight thanks to the actress’s great performance.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Warner Bros. wants the superheroine at the Oscars. Later, under the orders of Patty Jenkins, the character has continued to grow by leaps and bounds and, despite the fact that its sequel may not have had as much impact as the first Wonder Woman, the Amazon continues to rule in the current DC film universe.

So much so that the third part of the Wonder Woman saga is already in development with Jenkins and Gadot. Before that, we will see her in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (March 18 on HBO), the filmmaker’s cut of the battered Justice League.

Netflix Docuseries Addresses Historic Conviction Of A Politician In Spain


Trailer of ‘Nevenka’: the Netflix docuseries addresses the historic conviction of a politician in Spain for sexual harassment.

Nevenka Fernández denounced the mayor of Ponferrada for sexual harassment and won the trial, but society turned its back on him. The documentary premieres March 5 on Netflix.

Nevenka FernandezNevenka Fernandez
On March 26, 2001, the councilor for the Treasury of Ponferrada Nevenka Fernández publicly denounced the mayor of the PP Ismael Álvarez for sexual harassment. “I am 26 years old and I have dignity,” he assured that day in front of many journalists. At that time, these types of complaints were not common.

Although Fernández won the trial and Álvarez was sentenced, prompting his resignation, thousands of people backed the former mayor and it was she who was forced to leave Spain after her life turned into “hell.”

20 years after what happened, which was also one of the first convictions for sexual harassment of a politician in Spain, Netflix picks up the case in the Nevenka docuserie , with the protagonist breaking her silence.

El País has had access to the viewing of the first chapter of the three that make upNevenkaand has been able to speak with its director, Maribel Sánchez-Maroto,who tells the publication that “we wanted her, who never spoke, to tell us how that episode has marked him. ”

The documentary will delve into the brief sentimental relationship that the protagonist had with Álvarez and her ordeal after breaking up with him, who began to harass her, threaten her and discredit her as a professional in public. She will also remember the complaint, the trial and the social condemnation that Fernández suffered (also by coworkers), which forced her to leave Spain and disappear.

Fortunately, it is unthinkable that this social condemnation could now be repeated against a victim of bullying. The journalist Ana Pastor, who produces the docuseries, adds in this regard in the article in El País: “My obsession was to give back to him what he did for everyone, to repair the social loneliness he suffered, to see that this country has changed.”

Nevenka premieres on Netflix on March 5.

Evolution Of Cars In Recent Decades


Bigger, more powerful and safer. Today’s cars have grown in almost everything compared to those that were marketed, for example, in the late nineties. This is seen in the evolution of long-life models, both in their measurements and in their equipment. The progression of the automobile has been dizzying in recent decades.

The changes have been similar in any type of tourism, from utilities to saloons or SUVs. All of them have followed parallel paths, repeating common patterns : greater length and width, more power, more efficient engines, lower consumption, more complete safety equipment and increasingly advanced technological endowments.

These changes can be easily seen in the photo gallery that closes these lines, which shows the changes of three representative models: the Seat Ibiza, the most popular of the utility vehicles in Spain for decades; the Volkswagen Passat, a mid-size saloon, and the BMW X5, the pioneer of SUVs.

Size and safety have gone hand in hand. Over the years, all segments have grown steadily, to the point that today’s B-segment utilities are like the compacts of almost three decades ago.

Take as an example the Ibiza, which has grown 25 centimeters since 1993: the second generation of the model measured 3.81 meters, compared to 4.06 today. And the current Volkswagen Polo is somewhat larger than the third generation Golf, from 1992: 4,053 millimeters versus 4,020).

This has been due to the fact that the structures have become increasingly complex. Cars have gone from the mere sheet metal of their predecessors to incorporate passive safety elements to better resist impacts in the event of an accident, which have increased the volume and weight of passenger cars.

The larger size also makes the models more spacious, but not as spacious as you might expect. Its gain in habitability is not equivalent to the exterior growth, since the thickness of some components – such as the doors – reduces space to the interior.

With the increase in size and weight, it was necessary to incorporate motors of increasing power. Growth has been evident in all segments, but where it has been most noticed is in the lower ones. The urbanites have gone from blocks of 30 or 40 HP to propellants that reach up to 90, while the compact ones usually exceed 100 HP; in its sportier versions they are around 200.

However, this increase in power, on many occasions doubling the figures of its predecessors, has not led to higher fuel costs, but rather the figures have been maintained and even lowered. This has been achieved thanks to the use of smaller displacement blocks aided by the turbo and, in recent years, by the support of electric motors in the case of hybrid vehicles.

The same has happened with emissions: engines have evolved to be much cleaner thanks to particle filters, additives and the aforementioned hybrid technology. Current models homologate polluting emissions lower than those of 10 or 20 years ago.

The technological improvement of automobiles has been reflected in the evolution of engines, but also in two other areas: comfort and safety.

Just take a look at the dashboards of 1990s, 2000s and 2010s to see the change in infotainment systems. These have gone from being mere radio cassettes to multimedia centers with touch screen, Internet connection and increasingly precise voice commands … To this are added details that improve comfort such as heated seats or even with a massage function, as well as a better soundproofing of the cabin.

Safety is the other key area in which it shows over the years. Along with structural improvements (driven, among other reasons, by the requirements of the Euro NCAP crash tests), the cars have been incorporating highly evolved driving assistance systems : cruise control, blind spot warning, emergency braking, pedestrian detection or lane keeping are common in more and more models.

30 years ago the use of the seat belt in the rear seats was not even compulsory in Spain (it was from 1992 onwards), while the ABS and the airbag are included in all cars since 2004 and 2006, respectively.

English Hotel That Is A Meeting Place For Qanon Fans


A TripAdvisor user defines it as “ the most extravagant and reactionary hotel in North Cornwall ”. What is extravagant falls under its own weight. Just look at it: it is a kind of medieval toy castle located on top of a cliff of black rocks. A fantasy building between puerile and grotesque, with its battlements, its gothic windows, its banners and its parade ground, that would undoubtedly excite Tim Burton .

The “reactionary” thing does require a more detailed explanation. On the banner of its central tower there is a capital Q. Q for QAnon, the network of conspiracy theories and fake news fed on internet forums by Q, a supposed anonymous far-right activist (almost certainly a collective identity) who has found wide echo among supporters of Donald Trump or of Brexit.

This is not a coincidence or a joke of doubtful taste. Tintagel’s Camelot Castle is the first British hotel to be offered as a meeting place for the followers of this underground cult, people convinced that the American Democratic Party is part of a network of pedophile Satanists who rule the world from their sinister armchairs.

Those who flock to Tintagel, on the north-western coast of Cornwall (Cornwall in English, Kernow in the local language, Cornish), are often drawn to the legend of King Arthur . Very close to the hotel are the ruins of a 13th-century medieval fortress whose foundations hide a much more interesting and, above all, ancient building: a palace built in the last years of the Romano-British period, between the 5th and 6th centuries.

When this last structure was discovered in 2016, it was speculated that it could be the castle of Uther Pendragon, the place where the legendary British leader conceived his son Arthur according to the chronicle of Godfrey of Monmouth or the epic poems of Lord Alfred Tennyson .

In recent years, the fascination for the myth of Camelot and its Knights of the Round Table has become one of the main tourist attractions in this area, which not long ago was traveled mainly to watch shinty matches ( the fast and acrobatic Scottish hockey), visit its artisan distilleries and fishing villages or surf and take melancholic walks along its windswept white sand beaches.

Last October, four young people made the almost five-hour road trip that separates London from Tintagel to spend a couple of nights in the Camelot, described in the pages they consulted as a “picturesque and charming” place.

Arriving there on a misty and windy afternoon, the Q on the banner went unnoticed, but not the photo with the dedication of Donald Trump presiding in the lobby. Rachel Bate, one of the members of the party, told Air Mail magazine that “thanks to the mask I was able to hide how surprised and horrified I was.”

Later, in their rooms, they found on the pillows the “esoteric and patriotic” inspiration poems of the hotel owner, John Mappin, who turned out to be the man who appeared smiling in the photo with Donald and Melania Trump.

Bate took a look at the YouTube channel of Mappin and his wife, Irina (Camelot TV Network), and discovered that they were guests of one of the most delusional and conspicuous conspiracy theorists in the UK, a man who denounces the “diabolical conspiracy “Of the” progressive international “and presumes to have made a fortune betting, based on a mathematical algorithm of his own creation, in favor of Trump in the 2016 presidential elections.

Bate shared his experience with an Air Mail writer, who published an article about Mappin’s hotel, the first in a long list that appeared in recent weeks. In early January, Isobel Cockerell, from the digital magazine Coda Story , came to the castle and had the opportunity to interview Mappin.

The hotel owner turned out to be a talkative person, “with a neat British private school accent” and with nothing to hide. While strolling along the rocky promontory, between the hotel and the sea, Mappin, 55, presented his controversial theories and insisted that he does not consider himself “an eccentric”: “What I am is a seeker of the truth. I have a good nose for everything new, and when something catches my attention I delve into it until I become an expert ”.

QAnon, as he told the journalist, was an astonishing discovery for him: “For years, the Democratic party has maintained a clandestine network of sexual abuse of minors and satanic rituals in order to blackmail the politicians involved. The most surprising thing is that it went unnoticed all this time, until anonymous researchers like Q have managed to uncover it ”.

Mappin’s is not an isolated case. A recent study by the anti-racist group Hope not Hate concluded that one in four UK citizens believes in at least some of the theories put forth by Q.

Britain is fertile ground for QAnon. Mappin knows this, and has not hesitated to present his hotel as the first QAnon residence in the British Isles, an ideal place for people who “are looking at the truth, but miss a safe environment in which they can share it and deepen in her”.

Thus, he follows the example of apostles of the cause (or opportunists) such as the mayor of Sequim, a small town near Seattle, who intends to turn his municipality into “the place where you can freely speak about everything that the liberal consensus prohibits “, A refuge in which to live with his back” to the illegitimate and diabolical government of the radical democratic left. ”

Mappin nevertheless denies that his guest rooms are littered with pamphlets propagandizing his controversial ideas: “I’ve read it somewhere, but I must say that is false,” he assured Cockerell, ” All our clients are welcome, whatever their ideas are, it is not our intention to impose our vision of things or force the spiritual awakening of anyone. We only offer answers to those who have already asked the right questions. ”

The son of a marriage of jewelers and heir to a considerable family fortune, Mappin completed his studies in Los Angeles. There he became interested in Scientology and New Age mysticism. A fervent supporter of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher’s conservative revolution and a friend of politicians like the sovereign Nigel Farage, he returned to the UK as early as the 1990s to establish himself as a stock investor and hotel entrepreneur.

In 1999, while driving along the Cornish coastline, he caught a glimpse of the towers of Camelot Castle, then a decaying country inn, and decided to make its owner an offer. He restored it respecting its original Victorian plan, but reinforcing its neo-Gothic appearance, and wanted to integrate it into the so-called King Arthur tourist route, enhanced in later years by the archaeological discoveries in the area.

At that time, what predominated on the establishment’s walls and shelves were dedicated photos of famous Scientologists such as John Travolta or Tom Cruise and books by the founder of the sect, the science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Today, they have been replaced by Donald Trump.

Mappin does not see anything strange in this drift: “It is my hotel, and it is logical that it reflects my beliefs and interests.” The entrepreneur invites neo-pagan and mystical tourists to Glastonbury, in neighboring Somerset County, to drive 150 more miles west to discover a place “with even more intense spiritual vibrations.”

And, whoever feels ready for it, he also invites them to join his esoteric and political crusade: “We are more than just soldiers in Donald Trump’s digital army: we are the warriors of freedom.”

Cooking With Kiwi Is Possible And Highly Recommended


The first person to put a kiwi in their mouth was very courageous. A fruit that is hairy on the outside and intense green -shaped like an alien eye- on the inside, is perfect for the body to wake up all the alerts of “friend, this is not going to sit well with you.” But one does not regret being brave, or so they say.

We know today that kiwi is the berry of a semi-woody climbing plant belonging to the genus Actinidia. The two most widely cultivated varieties are Actinidia delicious (green kiwi) and Actinidia chinensis (yellow kiwi), although there are also red kiwis and mini kiwis.

Among the green kiwis, the most common on the market is Hayward, with juicy and acid pulp, with a great capacity for conservation in a controlled atmosphere that explains its extensive production. Its harvesting season in Spain is at the end of October and the first half of November.

The yellow kiwi crop is much smaller, given the plant’s susceptibility to bacteriosis, however it is liked by more palates -but not so many pockets- for having the creamier and sweeter pulp, resembling more of a tropical fruit and not so much to a citrus as it happens with the green kiwi.

The best known are the Zespri Gold (HORT 16A) and the Zespri Sungold, which has no hair. Its harvest season is from the end of September and the entire month of October.

In Spain, kiwi is a recent crop, dating from the mid-80s. As explained in El cultivation of kiwi (SERIDA, 2015), it was known as yang-tao and was marketed by unit and not by weight.

Production has been increasing, and in 2018, according to data collected in the Statistics Yearbook of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) , 23,833 tons of kiwis were produced.

More than half comes from Galicia, followed by Asturias, Valencia and the Basque Country. However, the national production is not enough to satisfy the desire for kiwis of the Spaniards, who consumed an average of 2.8 kg / per capita in 2018, 128,000 tons in total – a low figure compared to oranges, apples and bananas, but similar to the consumption of strawberries and peaches – and therefore a large quantity was imported from producing countries such as Greece, Italy or New Zealand.

Kiwi is refreshing, herbaceous, acidic and sweet at its right point of ripeness, with more vitamin C than orange -but equally incapable of curing colds, Covid or any other disease- and easy to eat: with a cross section and a teaspoon you already have it. However, it has a great flaw: it is hard to imagine it in a recipe other than a salad, a cuqui breakfast bowl from Instagram or a marinade to tenderize meats .

The Swedish Stellan Johanson broke the coconut to find new recipes with the 10 kg of kiwis that his brother gave him for Christmas and ended up creating a pizza that revolutionized the networks and that contributed to his divorce, according to him. Here are our ideas for cooking with kiwi, we hope they don’t have such a dramatic ending.

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