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The Most Intelligent And Advanced Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Planning is also a factor to take into account in housework. Especially in spacious houses with several rooms where the cleanliness of spaces and corners is multiplied. One way to alleviate these types of obligations and save time is to get a robot vacuum cleaner. But not just any one. The one we propose to you from EL PAÍS Escaparate comes from the Cecotec brand .

We refer to the Conga 7090 IA robot vacuum cleaner: the most evolutionary and complete , thanks to the Artificial Intelligence it uses. Now, with 259.90 euros of discount (and free shipping ) on eBay if we include the PARACECOTEC coupon of 10% discount. An offer that will only be available until this Wednesday, February 3.

The first thing to note about this product is that it is a 4-in-1: sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs floors simultaneously. The second thing to highlight is its price . It stays at 539.10 euros , cheaper than on other platforms such as Amazon ( 599 euros ) or even on the brand’s own website . And the third thing is the amount of accessories that it equips and that we describe below:

A multifunction brush (bristles and silicone), a special silicone brush for pets and one more of the Jalisco type . A mixed tank (solid and liquid) and another one for solids. Two mops , a pair of side brushes and two filters. A self-cleaning brush , a remote control in addition to the charging base and the power adapter .

It also has a high-efficiency allergen filter . On eBay,the 7090 IA robot vacuum cleaner has more than 180 units sold . Do you need one for the home and want to know more about it? We tell you all its details:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many of the electronic devices that we have at our fingertips. And in the case of robot vacuum cleaners, this technology reaches its maximum exponent in terms of decision-making . The 7090 IA model is capable of managing up to 100 cleaning plans and choosing the most convenient function instantly, identifying objects , rooms or animals in real time.

Thanks to its Room Plan 3.0 technology , the device proposes how to clean each room, when and in what order, hosting 10 pre-programmed maps in its memory , such as smart area , spot cleaning , spiral , edges and a long etcetera. In the case of pets , for example, it distinguishes their shape and changes direction by creating a restricted area around them.

And it is that the AI ​​of this Conga 7090 IA model carries out more exact routes and approaches, removing all dirt through a very high suction power: 10,000 pascals . A great help for those times when we need to do an extreme cleaning or dedicate more energy to places as delicate as carpets.

The voice has revolutionized the ways of interacting at home. In countries like Spain, there are already studies that indicate a strong growth on the part of voice assistants . One of the fields where it is most evident is found in the universe of robot vacuum cleaners. For this reason, this Cecotec model will be able to start it up , stop the processes , send it to the charging base or locate it by means of auditory emissions, linking it with Alexa or Google Assistant.

In addition, from the application you can see at all times the interactive map that the device itself has created before starting – the Conga 7090 IA follows a linear path to avoid getting lost during the tour – you will check the maintenance or notice the remaining battery , among other parameters. All this, together with a championship autonomy: up to four hours of uninterrupted operation.

We do not want to finish this description without stopping at each of its cleaning modes : in the case of scrubbing, it has a reciprocating movement that simulates manual scrubbing and doses the water flow in three levels: deep, daily and superficial. Its mop is made of two materials to act better on any surface, it has a 24-hour timer for each day of the week and a rotating brush that removes the most stubborn dirt on carpets and rugs.

Reusable Bottle That Helps You Drink More Water


You have heard countless times the mantra that supports this statement: “You have to drink eight glasses of water a day to be well hydrated.” It is still a good recommendation for anyone to keep in mind how important it is to drink water.

And it is that this is an essential liquid for the human being because, after all, it is the main chemical component of the body and represents 60% of body weight. For this reason, from EL PAÍS Escaparate we have decided to tell you about an accessory that will accompany us anywhere to fulfill this mission: to hydrate ourselves in the best way . This is a 1 liter reusable water bottle with motivational messages written on one of its sides.

The product has a very high rating on Amazon: 4.8 out of 5 stars and has more than 4,300 ratings . People who have already tried it highlight its resistance , ergonomics , capacity and, of course, the motivational phrases inscribed on this reusable bottle. In addition to its price: it can be yours for less than 15 euros .

“I use the bottle to work and to go to the gym, it’s big and resistant; it looks of good quality and I like its motivating messages ”, explains one user.

As if all were not enough, the bottle comes equipped with a practical cleaning brush and an additional sealing set. It is perfect for gifts and is sold in three colors: blue , gray and pink . Do you want to know more about her? We tell you all the details:

It does not matter if you are in the gym, on the way to the office, teleworking or watching television. The hours pass and there is no worse enemy than the feeling of not being thirsty. In this sense, we can resort to the typical solutions such as activating an alarm every so often or writing a note in a place like the laptop or the refrigerator. However, there are plenty of excuses because with this bottle from the Favofit brand , forgetfulness is over.

Its six motivational messages (written in English) are printed in white and are accompanied by a drop of water and an indicative time slot. They are these: Get going , Hydrate yourself , Keep your goal in mind , Keep moving forward , Don’t give up and Good job . There is a seventh message at the bottom of the bottle and that obviously “urges us to refill it completely.”

The advantages of getting this bottle also go through knowing the material that the manufacturer has used. It is a plastic, called Tritan , imported from the United States and does not contain harmful agents such as Bisphenol or BPA . In addition, it is stronger than conventional plastic and is odorless and tasteless . Therefore, ideal for storing water or other types of liquids: such as smoothies or infusions.

In addition to this, we can pour all kinds of teas into it without previously straining them because the bottle has an internal filter. The product is designed with a hinged lid to safeguard the interior from dust and other particles. On the other hand, it equips a hermetic closure to prevent it from being opened accidentally, even when placed upside down.

The comfort, as previously mentioned, is another of his virtues . The container can be opened with one hand (ideal for when we exercise and cannot use both) and has a sturdy strap . In short, a highly recommended product to achieve our daily goal while being very easy to transport, perfect for any daily activity. “Very practical and well made bottle. It does not drip. Highly recommended, ” says one user .

Ocasio-Cortez Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted In The Past


Ocasio-Cortez mentions that attack in a direct on Instagram in which she expressed the trauma suffered when seeing the assault on the Capitol

The US Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has revealed during a live intervention on her Instagram account that she considers herself a survivor of a sexual assault . Ocasio-Cortez, visibly moved, revealed the event she had experienced while narrating live the trauma that occurred on January 6 when she saw the assault on the US Capitol by groups of radical followers of Donald Trump.

“I am a survivor of a sexual assault. And I have not said that to many people in my life,” she said visibly emotional. For the congresswoman from New York, the two situations, both the sexual assault of which she was a victim and the one suffered by the Capitol, were traumatic, despite the fact that there was no relationship between the two events.

Ocasio-Cortez gave a detailed account of how the mutiny that ended in an assault on the US Legislative took place but did not go into the description of how the sexual assault of which she was a victim occurred in the past. He did come to compare the attitude of Republican legislators who do not want to judge the events that occurred in the Capitol with those who use “abusive tactics . ”

“The reason I say this and the reason I get excited right now is because these people (Republicans) telling us to move on, that it’s no big deal, that we should forget what happened, and even that we apologize, they use the same tactics as the abusers. ”

Ygona Moura, the Brazilian influencer who gave parties and advocated on social networks for the & quot; agglomeration & quot; dies of coronavirus.

During his Instagram Live he assured that you cannot “go forward without being accountable. We cannot heal without being accountable. All these people who tell us to keep going do so for their own convenience.”

Ocasio-Cortez described how she hid in her bathroom in her Congressional office during the chaos of the Capitol riots last month and was rescued by police. The congresswoman was elected by the 14th district of New York City, which includes some areas of the popular neighborhoods of the Bronx and Queens, among the poorest in the city.

Police Who Used Pepper Spray To Reduce A Girl In US


Police officers who handcuffed a nine-year-old girl and sprayed her with pepper spray in Rochester, New York, were suspended Monday amid a wave of outrage at the methods used by US security forces. After meeting with the local police chief on Monday, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren announced that the officers involved will be suspended pending an internal investigation into the episode.

“What happened on Friday was just horrible and it has rightly outraged our entire community,” Warren said. “Unfortunately, state law and union contracts prevent me from taking more immediate and serious action.”

The Rochester police had justified their action by claiming that the girl, whose identity has not been disclosed, was suffering a mental breakdown and was threatening to kill her mother and commit suicide.

“As a human being, this incident is disturbing and as a parent, it breaks my heart,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement. “The NYPD shouldn’t treat anyone like that, least of all a nine-year-old girl.” Cuomo said the relationship between the police and the communities they serve “is clearly not working” and reforms and an investigation into what happened are needed.

The nine officers who came to the scene last Friday reacted by handcuffing the girl. When they were unable to get her into a patrol car, they used pepper spray, according to videos from the cameras that the policemen wore in their uniforms , published on Sunday by law enforcement. The police say they acted in this way to guarantee the safety of the girl, who was taken to the hospital and then handed over to her parents.

The mayor of Rochester promptly condemned the use of force against children and promised an internal investigation into the practices of city police officers. I have a 10 year old boy. It’s a boy, it’s a baby. As a mother, this video is not something you want to see, “she said at a news conference on Sunday.

It is the second time in a year that Rochester police officers have been charged with acts of violence against citizens. In March a black man, Daniel Prude, died after being arrested in that city. Police had put a cloth hood over his head after he spat at officers and claimed he had the coronavirus.

The death of Prude, who was also suffering from a mental breakdown at the time of her arrest, sparked an investigation and mass demonstrations.

Trial Of Navalny Who Is Exposed To Three Years In Prison


The Russian Prosecutor’s Office supports the return to prison of the Russian opponent, who awaits two more trials. The defense of the opponent argues that everything is a political maneuver.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny awaits sentencing today. And the Russian capital, a new day of protests. The security forces have already detained more than 200 people in the vicinity of the court, including some journalists. Diplomats from 18 countries attended the trial.

The Spanish embassy requested to attend the trial but, according to a spokesperson, received no response . Other countries declined to attend because anti- Covid measures were not guaranteed , explain sources from the diplomatic delegation itself.

Since before dawn, traffic has been cut on several streets near the courthouse. There will be considered the request of the Russian prison service to replace the open Navalny regime with an effective prison sentence.

Up to three and a half years in prison minus the 10 months he spent under house arrest. It’s how long you can spend in jail for an old corruption conviction. The Russian Prosecutor’s Office supports the return to Navalny prison, which awaits two more trials. The defense of the opponent argues that everything is a political maneuver.

Although the events date back to 2008, it was after Navalny became known as an opponent that he and his brother Oleg were finally indicted, following Putin’s return to the Kremlin in 2012.

According to investigators, the brothers stole 26.8 million euros. rubles from Rocher and 4.5 million rubles from MPK, another company they worked with. But from the company several directors spoke in favor of both during the trial that took place at the time.

In December 2014, Navalny was convicted along with his brother Oleg of money laundering and fraud . Alexei was sentenced to three and a half years in prison with suspended sentence, which allowed him to serve it outside of prison. Meanwhile, his brother was imprisoned for the same period.

Now the Federal Penitentiary Service insists on enforcing the penalty in the Yves Rocher case, alleging that Navalny violated the conditions by not appearing for reviews during the last months of the probationary regime that expired at the end of last December, after several extensions. Navalny was recovering in Germany from a Novichok poisoning of which the Kremlin is the main suspect.

Army Takes Control Of The Country In Burma


Burma has woke up with a picture very similar to that of half a century ago: soldiers and tanks patrolling the main cities of the country. In the capital, Naipyidó, telephone lines and internet access were cut, as well as the signal on state television.

A few hours later, on Army-owned television, they announced a state of emergency for a year and promised “pluralist, free and equal” elections when this period ends . The military has seized power and top political leaders who have ruled since 2015, such as the popular State Councilor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint, have been detained.

It is difficult for a country to embrace a complete democracy if the remnants of its former military dictatorship, protected by a young Constitution, have a quarter of all the seats in Parliament and, by decree, the Army is in control of the Defense ministries , Interior and Border Affairs.

After being under the yoke of a military junta from 1962 to 2010, Burma tried to be a democracy. Or, at least, something quite similar to it. A priori, it was a good sign that the former political prisoners who raised the pro-democracy movement to fight against the dictatorship were those who occupied the political summit of the new era.

On top of that, it would be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi , who spent almost 15 years in detention, who would lead that change. The first problem came when those revolutionaries, once in power, bet on continuing with repression and censorship in a weak system, whose 2008 Constitution gives the military the ability to declare a state of emergency and assume state power. .

The international reputation of Suu Kyi (75 years old), leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD), the ruling party, collapsed in the face of her silence over the crackdown on the Rohingya that scandalized the world.

For the leader they are “simple problems” what for the UN is an “ethnic cleansing” that left almost a million refugees four years ago. Suu Kyi even supported the military when they were accused of committing genocide in 2017.

In Burma, what many predicted since the last November elections has happened : a military coup. Suu Kyi proclaimed a landslide victory for the NLD in the elections, taking the absolute majority, with 396 seats in the Legislative Assembly of the 476 that were in dispute.

However, the opposition , led by the Union Solidarity and Development Party (PSDU), with the support of the military – who control 25% of the 664 seats in the upper and lower chambers – rejected the results for alleged “electoral fraud” .

In mid-January, in Burma, tanks began to circulate through the streets of Rangoon, the country’s largest city. They began to speak of a possible military coup. Something that the head of the Army, General Min Aung Hlaing , supported last week , assuring that it could not be ruled out that the military would take command.

The situation began to have many parallels with the first coup of 1962. Although, according to military sources in the country, when the state of emergency ends, in February 2022, new elections will be held that “will return state power to a new government “. Before that happens, the military will “reform the electoral commission and review the results of the parliamentary elections.”

There has been no official statement on the reasons for the arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi, and other politicians from her democratically elected ruling party at the polls. A massive raid hours before the new Parliament was constituted and the deputies sat in their seats during the first session.

Right at the time of her arrest, Suu Kyi would have asked the citizens not to remain silent in the face of what was happening . “I urge people not to accept this, to respond and wholeheartedly to protest against the military coup,” says a statement posted on social networks by the National League for Democracy (LND). But what has been seen on the streets of cities like Rangoon has been supporters of the military celebrating it and waving national flags.

An LND spokesperson, Myo Nyunt, explains by mail to this newspaper that, in addition to Suu Kyi and the president, the party’s ministers, representing more than a dozen states and the president, were also detained “with violence and at gunpoint”. regions of the country were arrested at gunpoint. “Without a doubt it is a military coup, but to draw definitive conclusions, we must wait for the negotiations between our politicians and the military,” Nyunt says.

After the declaration of the state of emergency, the power of the state will pass into the hands of General Min Aung Hlaing, who will take control of the legislative, executive and judicial powers. The position of interim president will be held by Myint Swe, a former general who currently served as vice president.

The military insist that in the last elections they found “8.6 million cases of fraud” and have demanded that the electoral commission publish the lists of voters for verification. This body, however, says there is no evidence to support its claims.

“The military junta that ruled Burma for decades never left power in the first place,” John Sifton, Asia defense director at Human Rights Watch, said Monday. “In the first place, they never really submitted to civil authority, so today’s events in a sense only reveal a political reality that already existed.”

Monday morning’s arrests don’t just include political leaders. According to Rohingya activist Wai Wai Nu wrote on Twitter, student activists were also arrested in the raids. In VICE News they have collected the statements of an activist, Thinzar Shunle Yi, who claims that they have arrested several of her friends.

“We woke up this morning with the blow. Everything has just begun. Telephone lines and some television channels are down. We are not sure what will come next,” says Thinzar.

The actions of the military have been widely condemned internationally. “We urge the armed forces and all other parties to adhere to democratic norms and the rule of law, and to release those detained today,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement from Washington, adding that The United States “will take action against those responsible if these steps are not reversed.”

In Thailand, there have been clashes between the police and protesters against the neighboring country’s coup. At least two people were injured, according to Reuters, in the protest outside the Burmese embassy in the Thai capital, in which at least 200 people gathered. The police also arrested two people.

Many governments in the European Union – Burma’s third most important trading partner – have condemned the military takeover . “We ask for the immediate release of all those detained and to reestablish the democratic process,” said Spanish President Pedro Sánchez. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, has spoken out calling for “democracy to prevail” in the Asian country that has already spent five decades under the shadow of a bloody dictatorship.

The UN has also ruled in a statement : “The general elections of November 8, 2020 give a strong mandate to the National League for Democracy (NLD), which reflects the clear will of the people of Burma to continue on the path hard-won from democratic reform. Secretary General (Antonio Guterres) urges military leaders to respect the will of the Burmese people and adhere to democratic norms, and any differences must be resolved through peaceful dialogue. ”

From Australia, Foreign Minister Marise Payne said her government “has long supported Burma and its democratic transition.” Payne has called on the military to ” immediately release all civilian leaders and others who have been illegally detained . ”

From neighboring China , on the other hand, they have been more restrained. “We hope that all parties in Burma can properly handle differences under the constitutional and legal framework and safeguard political and social stability,” said Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Beijing Foreign Ministry.

After what happened in Burma, all international analysts agree on a point in common: since the first democratic elections in 2015, the military realized that the parties they supported were never going to get enough support to govern. Suu Kyi’s charisma continued to attract the most votes.

The Nobel laureate had renounced her ethical principles and remained silent while the Army persecuted the Rohingya minority. But not even his collusion with the loopholes of the military dictatorship have served him to maintain the democratic system for which he fought so hard in his country.

EU Is One Step Away From Manufacturing Its Own Vaccine


Trust and patience. This is what governments have been asking their citizens since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, a year ago. Chancellor Angela Merkel , and her Health Minister, Jens Spahn, repeated the mantra on Monday after the ” vaccination summit ” held with pharmaceutical companies to try to contribute to the efforts of the European Commission to relieve the neck from German soil bottle that has been created in the supply of vials.

The expectations aroused by the meeting, which were joined by the presiding ministers of the Länder and representatives of the European Commission, were enormous. That the chancellor took charge of the crisis cabinet in Germany and the EU generated hope.

If any European country has the capacity to get the others out of the quagmire, it is Germany, the largest pharmaceutical market in the EU and fourth in the world, with more than 500 pharmaceutical companies, including the giant Merck, with a turnover of some 46,500 million in 2019.

The problem, however, is that none of them has a patent for the anti-Covid vaccines already in circulation and neither has a license to produce them. The supply of vaccines for now, will continue to be a dropper.

But there has been movement. On the eve of the meeting chaired by Merkel, Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca announced that it is improving its delivery offer to the EU by nine million doses this first quarter. Hours before the start of the summit BioNTech announced that it will supply another 75 million doses of its vaccine to the EU, of which 18 million would correspond to Germany.

It will be in the second quarter, ahead of schedule, and after optimizing its resources, partly due to the fact that a plant in Marburg (western Germany) will be incorporated into the production process next month.

And shortly after, the German chemical giant Bayer gave the bell by announcing that it will cooperate with Curevac in the production of its vaccine, still in development, and that it hopes to distribute 300 million doses until the end of the year.

Curevac, whose vaccine Donald Trump tried unsuccessfully to buy exclusively while it was in clinical trials, plans to produce 600 million doses by 2022. If the production network expands, it could be 1 billion. It is unknown when Curevac will be included in the market and also its percentage of effectiveness. What is already known and is very relevant is that the cooperation of these laboratories with Bayer will make Curevac vials the first to be produced entirely by companies based in the EU.

That was the muscle that Merkel and the European Commission hoped European pharmaceutical giants and laboratories would pull out, especially in the face of delays in the supply of vaccines already approved by the European Medicines Agency, all with tentacles outside the EU.

Germany’s BioNTech has the formula but production, marketing and distribution are in the hands of its US partner Pfizer. The second vaccine approved by the European authorities, Moderna, is American and the Swedish AstraZeneca also has British nationality and Brexit has changed things.

German Economy Minister Peter Altmeier has asked pharmaceutical and chemical companies with the necessary infrastructure for the manufacture of vaccines to step up. But in the opinion of the president of the Institute for Economic Research (IFO) and president of the World Finance Federation, Clemes Fuest, it is a testimonial appeal.

“The companies are not non-profit humanitarian organizations, they will only mobilize if there are incentives and they see benefits,” said Fuest, for whom the delays in the supply of vaccines agreed with the EU are due, to begin with, to the fact that the contracts they are badly done. “All contracts must include a system of premiums for express delivery and penalties if the schedule is not met . The business world works like this,” he says.

And put to rush the process, Fuest also suggests incentives to manufacturers of already approved vaccines to give production licenses to other pharmaceutical companies. That would thicken the network and speed up the distribution of vials and part of the business to suppliers, starting with the manufacturers of raw materials, and this is a very sensitive process, up to the manufacturers of packaging.

The parties of the parliamentary arch of the left are more radical. They ask the government to step in and make licensing compulsory for public health reasons. State intervention would have the support of the electorate, but would not be in accordance with the law. The patent is an intangible asset of the company that owns it and using it without its approval would become a kind of expropriation.

The fortunate findings of vaccines against Covid have therefore brought other actors to the scene and the trust and patience that the population has been asking for has given way to a great business that also generates confusion and frustration.

“People are totally confused and the health authorities are as well. There is no one who can draw up vaccination plans if there is no reliable supply schedule for the coming weeks and months,” says the head of the Bavarian Government, Marcus Söder, in statements to the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper.

The vaccine war is relevant because not only the end of the health crisis and the beginning of the economic recovery depend on them, but also the context in which the general elections of September 26 are held.

Luis Joel and she wants to eat something sweet


Torres has just breastfed her young son Luis Joel and she wants to eat something sweet. “A candy, a cookie,” she says, sitting in the hammock of the PVC house where she is. “It’s anxiety,” he concludes. In a few hours, this 30-year-old Venezuelan will embark for the state of Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil, leaving Boa Vista, in the north of the country, accompanied by her six children. The oldest, 10-year-old Estrella, wears a ruched flowery dress. Her hair is adorned with a row of colored clips, as are her sisters: Kereane, 5; Luciane, 7; and Victoria, 6. Abraham, 8, was the only boy, until Joel’s arrival. It is the first time that they will get on a plane, heading to an unknown city. But there are no alternatives. They need to survive and inBrazil found a way.

All of her children were born in Ciudad Bolívar, except Joel, whom Dorianny gave birth to while living in a refugee camp in Boa Vista, the capital of the state of Roraima . On September 8, she had contractions and was transferred to the public hospital in the capital, in the middle of the pandemic . Joel, chubby and with wide-awake black eyes, was born in normal labor. His life, since then, is not different only because he came into the world from a different place than his brothers.

Joel is the synthesis of a new cycle of immigration that Brazil welcomes, since Venezuela collapsed with the
Since 2015, the number of Venezuelans who crossed the border to reach Brazil has risen. However, since 2018 there has been a vertiginous jump in the entry of Venezuelans that has made them the largest foreign community in the country. The city of Pacaraima, on the border with the Venezuelan city of Santa Elena de Uairén, in northern Brazil, was receiving an average of 500 people a day , a flow interrupted by the pandemic that closed the borders in March this year .

Today 262,475 Venezuelans live in Brazil, more than double the number two years ago. The majority, in migrant status, requesting to live here with a visa of at least two years. Another 46,647 accepted refugee status , arguing the lack of human rights conditions in their country of origin. There are also 102,504 Venezuelans with pending refugee applications, on the waiting list to obtain the documentation that will accept them as residents. They make up the highest number of refugee requests by nationality, according to the Brazilian Committee for Refugees (CONARE). According to the migration records of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice, Venezuelans outnumbered Portuguese, Haitians and Bolivians, who until recently represented the main foreign groups residing in Brazil.

The great mass of Venezuelans who have entered Brazil as of 2018 did so through Pacaraima, and a good part have stayed there or in the capital of Roraima, Boa Vista, three hours from the border. With the flow concentrated in the north, the rest of Brazil did not notice the silent evolution of the migration of Venezuelans. No one knows this new migratory cycle as well as the inhabitants of Roraima.

It is not a very calm coexistence to be said. Venezuelans already occupy 40% of the state’s hospital beds, warned Governor Antonio Denarium in February this year, when a protest in Pacaraima tried to prevent the entry of new Venezuelans. Half of the students in Pacaraima schools are also children from Venezuela. The Brazilian government did not prepare for a response to the height of migration, and Roraima was not equipped for the new challenge. It has been a bumpy road for those arriving from the north of the country.

A scenario that is repeated throughout the history of Brazil, a country forged by hundreds of nationalities who arrive here. The first Japanese to arrive, at the beginning of the 20th century, for example, also experienced resistance. In 1914, São Paulo had 10,000 Japanese immigrants fleeing the difficulties of feudal Japan. Brazil had, at that time, 25.5 million inhabitants. They came to work in agriculture when Brazil was forced to give up slave labor after the abolition of slavery in 1888. It took a while for them to earn the respect of the landowners who hired them. There were episodes of racism and prejudice at the time, the same as those Venezuelans face in the cities of Roraima.

Adaptation and reception
The total number of Venezuelans in Brazil is a small percentage when compared to the 5.5 million mass that has already gone to other countries , especially Colombia and Peru — each one has received more than a million of them — and Chile (almost half a million).

The Brazilian territory is already the fifth largest recipient of Venezuelans, according to the Organization of American States (OAS) . Because it has a different language, Brazil has been the last option to emigrate. But, given the reluctance of those less populated countries, which welcomed many more Venezuelans before, it was better to face the differences.

Brazil also paved the way. He reduced the bureaucracy to receive them by declaring that Venezuela was a country in which serious and widespread human rights violations were committed. The National Committee for Refugees adopted the prima facie procedure, which eliminates the

detailed – and delayed – interviews in which it is decided whether or not to grant the foreigner a temporary residence or refugee visa. This mechanism guaranteed an unprecedented facility to welcome Venezuelans to the continent. Today, of the little more than 49,000 refugees in Brazil of different nationalities, 95% are Venezuelans.

The Government of Jair Bolsonaro assumed and expanded the so-called Operation Welcome, created in 2018 during the Government of Michel Temer, with the joint work of 12 ministries, which facilitated the access of Venezuelan immigrants. “There is a feeling in Venezuela that Brazil treats its people well,” says David Smolansky, former mayor of El Hatillo, one of the districts of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Smolansky acts today at the Organization of American States (OAS), in Washington, the group that monitors Venezuelans who emigrated.

He himself came fleeing the fury of Maduro, who began to persecute him in his capacity as an opponent. When he received an arrest warrant, he was forced to remain in hiding. For three or four days he traveled more than 1,000 kilometers towards the border disguised as a seminarian so as not to be recognized.

Wearing glasses, a cassock and no beard, Smolansky managed to arrive in Brazil in 2017, with the help of then-Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes. From there, he continued to the United States, where he began working for a coalition to restore full democracy in Venezuela.

The Brazilian Government has guaranteed those arriving from another country, such as Venezuelans, that they can live as Brazilian citizens (with the exception of voting). They have their own tax identification document, they attend public health services, their children go to school and they can move freely around the country. And many receive aid from the government program for families with few resources, known as Bolsa Familia. During the pandemic, they even had access to basic emergency income to overcome the health crisis.

At least 42,519 received this subsidy from Caixa Econômica Federal, Brazil’s state financial institution. The bank’s president, Pedro Guimarães, even said in an interview that in the city of Pacaraima there are more Venezuelans than Brazilians collecting aid. Money feeds, but part of him goes to Venezuela, to help needy relatives. “What is little here, there is a lot,” says Dorianny, who had the help of Bolsa Familia and access to emergency income during the pandemic. Part of what comes to him is sent to his parents.

Esti Prager’s Top Aromatherapy Tips


Be it at the spa, on a brochure at the nail salon, or even outside your gym, aromatherapy services can be found in abundance. They’re gaining in popularity and are being administered by professionals. If you’re wondering what this procedure exactly is and what all it entails, then you need not worry, because you have come to the right place.

Here is a breakdown of what aromatherapy is. By the end of it, you’ll for sure want to book the next available session for yourself.

“It’s that appealing to the senses!” – Esti Prager

What Is Aromatherapy?

But first, let’s dive into what aromatherapy actually is. In simple terms, it is the use of essential oils and aromatics plants and herbs to heal the body. It usually focuses on improving and uplifting a person’s mood. This is done via either a topical application, massage, or inhalation of essential oils that have antimicrobial, antioxidant, and insecticidal properties.

In addition, it is important to note that only professionals that are certified can administer a topical application of this form of therapy. Why is this so? Well, excessive or inaccurate use of these oils can be hazardous to health. So, unless you have not received the guidance of a trained professional, you might want to stay clear of any do-it-yourself aromatherapy at home.

Thus, aromatherapy massage in this regard incorporates essential oils in the procedure. The oil molecules are absorbed by the body during the massage and inhaled by the person receiving the massage as well. It’s a holistic and complete healing therapy for the mind and body! “After getting it done you’re sure to feel fresh, reenergized, and rejuvenated,” says Esti Prager of Miami.

The Benefits

Want to know what benefits an aromatherapy massage entails? Read ahead to find out more!

  • Temporary relief from any muscle or joint ache
  • Uplift in moods, especially if experiencing depression. Lemon and orange essential oil has proven to work well in this regard
  • Reduces stress levels and relaxes the nerves. Especially if a hot stone or Swedish massage is infused with essential oils
  • It can help alleviate anxiety and insomnia
  • Ease breathing problems and sinus issues. Eucalyptus essential oil helps open up the sinuses.
  • Essential oils can help combat nausea and headaches. Lavender oil for instance helps dampen the severe side effects of migraines.

The Potential Risks

Essential oils are sure to help rejuvenate the senses, however, there may be some risks involved with an aromatherapy massage. Unlike directly inhaling the essential oils, here a topical application is also included. Thus many people may experience an allergic reaction to essential oils if they have sensitive skin. Here are some of the symptoms of a reaction that may follow an aromatherapy massage:

  • Rash
  • Swelling and inflammation of the skin
  • Itchiness and irritation
  • Hives

Tips For Aromatherapy Massages

To make the most of an aromatherapy massage without suffering from the risks at hand, there are a few tips and steps you can keep in mind.

1.      Picking The Right Essential Oil

Choosing the right essential oil according to your need is important. Discuss the different types of oils with an expert first. If you are seeking to uplift your mood, then citrusy scents are the way to go. For relaxation and pain management therapy, lavender or eucalyptus oil may be more beneficial

2.      Doing A Patch Test

To prevent a rash or skin irritation after going for aromatherapy, conduct a path test of the oil on your elbow or wrist. In this way, if you are allergic to any of the essential oils, you’ll be able to identify them earlier on and save yourself from the risks ahead.

3.      Don’t Go For An Aromatherapy Massage On A Full Stomach

To prevent feeling nauseous, it’s always recommended to go for an aromatherapy massage a few hours after having a meal. This helps ensure you get the best experience and don’t suffer from heartburn once the therapy session is over.

4.      Take A Warm Shower After The Therapy Session

To remove excess oil from your skin, it’s best to take a warm shower after the aromatherapy massage. This will also help soothe the muscle even more and relax the nerves.

5.      Be Sure To Hydrate

Drink water before and after the aromatherapy massage to prevent dehydration and unease during the therapy.

6.      Avoid Direct Application

To prevent a rash or allergic reaction, it is often the norm to mix the essential oil with another carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil before applying it to the skin. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to check if this step has been followed by your masseuse before starting the aromatherapy massage.

7.      Invest in an Oil Diffuser

To reap the benefits from essential oils at home, you can invest in an oil diffuser. Follow instructions given carefully and use essential oils sparingly at first. You can even consult an expert first if you are not sure which one to opt for.

They will also guide you on the quantity that should be used to prevent any adverse effects. Try out different essential oils and see which one suits you the best!

The Bottom Line

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to ease your nerves and give your body the recharge it needs, get down to it! Do your research and get in touch with a reputable and renowned aromatherapy service provider. Be sure to go to someone who is fully vetted and trained in the field. This will ensure you get the maximum benefit and value for your money! You can even share this article forward to a friend or a family member and convince them to go for aromatherapy with you.

“The experience will be worth it!” – Esti Prager, Miami Beach

Sacyr Is Choking The Panama Canal

A cargo vessel travels through the Panama Canal in Panama City, Panama, on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019. The Panama Canal is seeing signs of a rebound in global trade as ship transits recover from the depressed levels caused by the pandemic. Photographer: Nicolo Filippo Rosso/Bloomberg

A small earthquake shook Sacyr on September 25, the day the Miami International Court (ICC) issued an award for claims of cost overruns incurred by the company during the works of the expansion of the Panama Canal. It was a slap with a stone name: basalt. The company and its partners (grouped in the Gupc consortium) had been in dispute for a decade because the properties of the basalt of the work, the main source with which the concrete (mixture of cement, sand and gravel) had to be elaborated for the construction of the third set of canal locks, did not provide the necessary level of quality due to the alleged bad data provided by its client, the Panama Canal Authority.

A previous award of the Dispute Arbitration Board gave the reason to the consortium in which Sacyr participated with 41% of the weight (they received 265 million dollars in compensation), but last day 25 the ball fell on the other side and Gupc will be forced to return 240 million. Although the sum of the two awards is positive for Sacyr, it sets a precedent – and so the market has read – that could affect the rest of the claims that the company expects to see fulfilled: one for labor overruns as a result of a change in legislation and another as a result of being forced to stop the works.

The punishment in the Stock Market has been important: the capitalization has fallen since that day by 250 million euros. But the experts do not seem to share the sentiment of the park: of the 12 analysts who follow the value, nine recommend buying and another two, keeping the titles. “Although it is true that it is now much less likely to receive income from the rest of the claims, we believe that it should not be ruled out charges for the more than 4,000 million dollars that still remain to be settled – and whose resolution could be extended until 2025 -“, Banco Sabadell points out in a report, which changed its advice from selling to buying.

The impact of the award, according to Bankinter analysts, was “about 10% of the total market capitalization”, but the punishment has been much higher despite the fact that, in the medium term, the analysts’ vision does not change: ” The impact of the sentence can be considered specific ”.

In recent times, Sacyr has also been the protagonist of other news outside its business, such as the wiretapping of Villarejo commissioned by BBVA to stop the construction company from taking control of the bank 15 years ago. But outside of the covers, his activity has undergone an important transformation. With more than 43,000 employees in the world (more than 29,000 in Europe), it has taken steps to become a concession company supported by two arms: a construction company and a service firm. 77% of the current operating profit of 348 million comes from the concessions. With a turnover until June of 2,079 million euros (4,170 million in all of 2019), its project portfolio at the moment does not stop growing and is close to 40,000 million, of which 27,600 are in concessions. Some contracts, they say in the company, that have formulas to mitigate the risks of falling traffic or demand in 90% of cases and that give them stability at a turbulent time for companies around the world.

Since 2014, the company chaired by Manuel Manrique has improved its profitability (from 8.7% in 2014 to 16.7% in this first half), is more international and has seen its operating profit skyrocket. It has also improved the quality of its debt (reducing recourse debt to 840 million and linking the rest to concession projects) and invests between 150 and 200 million in new concession businesses each year. The question is whether the virus will affect them, given that they have swung towards a model dependent on public procurement with a good part of their business in Latin America and the budgets of governments – especially in that continent – have been strongly pressured by the covid. “It is not foreseeable that any signed contract will be renegotiated or canceled, quite the contrary,

Nor do they think that the situation will impact their construction branch. Partly because 50% of the work carried out is for the infrastructures that Sacyr itself will later operate as a concessionaire, be they hospitals, roads, bridges or any other asset. At the end of this year, in addition, the company will add to its activity the Italian highway A3 that connects the towns of Naples, Pompeii and Salerno with a daily traffic of around 170,000 vehicles. The award, which took place at the end of last year, involves an improvement and exploitation contract that requires 390 million in works and will mean long-term income of 2,700 million euros for the consortium in which Sacyr participates with 49%.

The services branch has been more affected by the situation and, specifically, its restoration company that serves hospitals or public buildings, but it barely accounts for 1% of the company’s turnover.

What eaten for what is served

Another stone in the backpack has been the deterioration of its 8% in Repsol, a stake that forced it to record losses in 2019 of almost 300 million. Until June of this year, the group had a profit of 70 million and Repsol’s contribution subtracted 18. The company says that it has “completely covered” the risk of drops in the price of the oil company’s share, but in exchange it has to dedicate the dividends it charges from the company to cover its backs.

With low rates and a structure like the current one, expectations should be promising: “Let’s forget Panama”, insists the analysis of Sabadell. Despite the success of the work itself, Sacyr has paid dearly for the reputational cost of everything that has surrounded the canal project. Perhaps there is no other challenge as great as that of building the expansion of one of the greatest engineering gems in the world, but with highways, hospitals or trains under concession in diverse markets, Sacyr should breathe easy.

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