The former treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas recognizes for the first time in his confession before the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office that the Police stole ” pen drives and sensitive documentation” about the irregular financing of the PP that he had hidden in his wife’s restoration study.

At the same time he lashes out harshly against his old party for having launched the so-called Kitchen operation , a “para-police” operation, as defined by the National Court , which aimed to snatch his arsenal from the former head of the party’s finances of evidence against the leadership led by former president Mariano Rajoy .

In his writing, former Senator Bárcenas describes the known facts surrounding the Kitchen operation as “discouraging” , “which reveal the mounting of illegal monitoring and surveillance, and even with the use of reserved funds ordered by high-ranking officials of the then government and that they belonged to the Popular Party, with the invaluable collaboration of senior police officers. ”

It should be remembered that in this judicial proceeding, investigated by the Investigative Court number 5 of the National Court, the former Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernández Díaz , the former Secretary of State for the Interior, Francisco Martínez , and a large part of the Police leadership of the time, from the Deputy Director of Operations (DAO) Eugenio Pino to historical commissioners such as Enrique García Castaño or José Manuel Villarejo .

Almost 80 users in a Gijón center who had received the second vaccine test positive for Covid-19.

“These actions have reached the point of achieving the theft of documentation sensitive to the PP, of which the robbery in my wife’s study is a good example,” Bárcenas abounds. There, according to his account, ” pendrives and various papers that were compromising the pieces that are being investigated ” disappeared in the different open summaries on the operation of box B of the PP for decades.

“To this must be added, nothing less, than the kidnapping and death threats suffered by my family, in our own family home, for the so-called false priest, which can give a good idea of ​​the pressure and suffering that we have been suffering during all these last years “, emphasizes the ex high popular position in his confession.


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