Trailer of ‘Nevenka’: the Netflix docuseries addresses the historic conviction of a politician in Spain for sexual harassment.

Nevenka Fernández denounced the mayor of Ponferrada for sexual harassment and won the trial, but society turned its back on him. The documentary premieres March 5 on Netflix.

Nevenka FernandezNevenka Fernandez
On March 26, 2001, the councilor for the Treasury of Ponferrada Nevenka Fernández publicly denounced the mayor of the PP Ismael Álvarez for sexual harassment. “I am 26 years old and I have dignity,” he assured that day in front of many journalists. At that time, these types of complaints were not common.

Although Fernández won the trial and Álvarez was sentenced, prompting his resignation, thousands of people backed the former mayor and it was she who was forced to leave Spain after her life turned into “hell.”

20 years after what happened, which was also one of the first convictions for sexual harassment of a politician in Spain, Netflix picks up the case in the Nevenka docuserie , with the protagonist breaking her silence.

El País has had access to the viewing of the first chapter of the three that make upNevenkaand has been able to speak with its director, Maribel Sánchez-Maroto,who tells the publication that “we wanted her, who never spoke, to tell us how that episode has marked him. ”

The documentary will delve into the brief sentimental relationship that the protagonist had with Álvarez and her ordeal after breaking up with him, who began to harass her, threaten her and discredit her as a professional in public. She will also remember the complaint, the trial and the social condemnation that Fernández suffered (also by coworkers), which forced her to leave Spain and disappear.

Fortunately, it is unthinkable that this social condemnation could now be repeated against a victim of bullying. The journalist Ana Pastor, who produces the docuseries, adds in this regard in the article in El País: “My obsession was to give back to him what he did for everyone, to repair the social loneliness he suffered, to see that this country has changed.”

Nevenka premieres on Netflix on March 5.



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