Planning is also a factor to take into account in housework. Especially in spacious houses with several rooms where the cleanliness of spaces and corners is multiplied. One way to alleviate these types of obligations and save time is to get a robot vacuum cleaner. But not just any one. The one we propose to you from EL PAÍS Escaparate comes from the Cecotec brand .

We refer to the Conga 7090 IA robot vacuum cleaner: the most evolutionary and complete , thanks to the Artificial Intelligence it uses. Now, with 259.90 euros of discount (and free shipping ) on eBay if we include the PARACECOTEC coupon of 10% discount. An offer that will only be available until this Wednesday, February 3.

The first thing to note about this product is that it is a 4-in-1: sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs floors simultaneously. The second thing to highlight is its price . It stays at 539.10 euros , cheaper than on other platforms such as Amazon ( 599 euros ) or even on the brand’s own website . And the third thing is the amount of accessories that it equips and that we describe below:

A multifunction brush (bristles and silicone), a special silicone brush for pets and one more of the Jalisco type . A mixed tank (solid and liquid) and another one for solids. Two mops , a pair of side brushes and two filters. A self-cleaning brush , a remote control in addition to the charging base and the power adapter .

It also has a high-efficiency allergen filter . On eBay,the 7090 IA robot vacuum cleaner has more than 180 units sold . Do you need one for the home and want to know more about it? We tell you all its details:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many of the electronic devices that we have at our fingertips. And in the case of robot vacuum cleaners, this technology reaches its maximum exponent in terms of decision-making . The 7090 IA model is capable of managing up to 100 cleaning plans and choosing the most convenient function instantly, identifying objects , rooms or animals in real time.

Thanks to its Room Plan 3.0 technology , the device proposes how to clean each room, when and in what order, hosting 10 pre-programmed maps in its memory , such as smart area , spot cleaning , spiral , edges and a long etcetera. In the case of pets , for example, it distinguishes their shape and changes direction by creating a restricted area around them.

And it is that the AI ​​of this Conga 7090 IA model carries out more exact routes and approaches, removing all dirt through a very high suction power: 10,000 pascals . A great help for those times when we need to do an extreme cleaning or dedicate more energy to places as delicate as carpets.

The voice has revolutionized the ways of interacting at home. In countries like Spain, there are already studies that indicate a strong growth on the part of voice assistants . One of the fields where it is most evident is found in the universe of robot vacuum cleaners. For this reason, this Cecotec model will be able to start it up , stop the processes , send it to the charging base or locate it by means of auditory emissions, linking it with Alexa or Google Assistant.

In addition, from the application you can see at all times the interactive map that the device itself has created before starting – the Conga 7090 IA follows a linear path to avoid getting lost during the tour – you will check the maintenance or notice the remaining battery , among other parameters. All this, together with a championship autonomy: up to four hours of uninterrupted operation.

We do not want to finish this description without stopping at each of its cleaning modes : in the case of scrubbing, it has a reciprocating movement that simulates manual scrubbing and doses the water flow in three levels: deep, daily and superficial. Its mop is made of two materials to act better on any surface, it has a 24-hour timer for each day of the week and a rotating brush that removes the most stubborn dirt on carpets and rugs.



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