Of the 1,500 people who needed to be immunized, about 900 did not meet the requirements.

The city of Pasadena, in California, canceled a day of vaccination against COVID-19 on Tuesday after hundreds of people who were not eligible to receive the vaccines signed up, including workers in the Hollywood entertainment industry and the media. communication , the Los Angeles Times reported.

The day was intended to apply the first dose of the vaccine to about 1,500 eligible people, including those over 65 and essential workers who live or work in Pasadena, a city in Los Angeles County. However, some 900 people who did not meet the requirements signed up to get the vaccine .

Lisa Derderian, a spokeswoman for the city of Pasadena, told the newspaper that “many of the appointments were booked by people who worked in the media and in Hollywood.” Among those who wanted to bypass the priority guidelines are employees of production companies, television broadcasting services and soap opera studios.

Derderian explained that somehow the hundreds of ineligible people accessed an email the Pasadena Department of Public Health sent last week to seniors, health and child care employees, teachers and food workers who had expressed previously their interest in receiving the vaccine, telling them that they could book appointments in a day at Pasadena City College.

The email, which included a registration link to California’s vaccination appointment system, specified that workers had to provide proof that they were eligible and lived or worked in Pasadena. The email and the registration link were reportedly distributed to those who improperly registered.

California’s appointment scheduling system allows you to book an appointment without verifying eligibility. Only at the vaccination site is verification performed. Against this background, Pasadena decided to cancel the vaccination day scheduled for Thursday. Derderian told the newspaper that some older adults cried when they learned that their appointments would have to be changed.

Both state and local authorities are concentrating efforts to vaccinate the most vulnerable people to covid-19. A total of 10,628,752 vaccines have been applied in the state as of this Tuesday.


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